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If there’s one thing that truly unifies parents, it’s the fact that we all worry about our children’s health at one time or another. Whether it’s a cold, chickenpox, or something more serious, every parent knows what it’s like to stay up late with a sick child.

At Dr. Greene’s General Diseases And Conditions Center, you’ll be able to find helpful information and tips about fevers, coughs, and upset tummies. You’ll also be able to find out more about a variety of diseases and conditions – the common childhood ailments, as well as the rare ones.

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Constipation: A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment to Prevention

If not addressed, constipation in children can become worse over time. Here are is information from pediatrician Alan Greene on what causes constipation and how to treat it in the gentlest effective way.

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Dr. Greene’s deep dive into conditions ranging from cold sores to hip dislocation.

Q&A Guides

Dr. Greene tackles the questions of inquisitive parents, including topics such as fevers, Lyme disease and West Nile Virus.

Genetic & Metabolic

A diagnosis of genetic or metabolic disorders can be frightening, especially for the smallest of babies. However, in many cases there are ways to manage symptoms in such a way that these children can grow to be healthy and strong like their peers.


Gastrointestinal issues are not only related to the stomach. The more research is done, the more we see that gut health is integral to the health of the whole body. Learn how to support GI health, which in turn boosts overall vitality!


Most parents want to give their children the best advantages in life – that includes the strong foundation that makes for a healthy child, and eventually, a healthy adult.

Lungs & Respiration

From air pollution to asthma, discover the best ways to support lung and respiratory health.

Muscle & Bones

Disorders of the muscles and bones range from relatively mild, such as tibial torsion, to fairly severe, including muscular dystrophy. Learn what causes these types of conditions, and how best to treat them.

Accidents & Injuries

From car safety to CPR, we explore the best ways to keep your children healthy and safe.

Heart & Blood

Often we treat cardiovascular health as something to emphasize for adults, but the truth of the matter is that a healthy heart starts in childhood. Fruits and vegetables and active play can keep a heart happy and strong.

Eyes, Ears & Mouth

Illnesses of the face and ears can feel particularly invasive. Here’s how to keep your child’s sensory organs safe and in optimum working condition!

Infectious Disease

Treating illness is much more about providing the body with a foundation of health, rather than waiting until symptoms of disease appear. Here we look at common concerns, as well as ways to keep the immune system strong and healthy.


The endocrine system is the home of our hormonal function, including those that govern growth, metabolism, and sexual development. Here we take a look at developmental concerns related to growth and puberty.