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Family Outdoor Activities You Can Do While Social Distancing

We interrupt this post for an important public service announcement: Be sure you follow social distancing guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. If your community is sheltered in place, make sure family your outdoor activities are appropriate. Getting outside benefits physical and mental health. It also helps ease boredom and burn energy so that your little ...

Coronavirus & the Panic Pandemic

The coronavirus is causing quite a scare worldwide. Reactions to the news of it spreading have ranged from relative nonchalance to absolute terror, with the media, unsurprisingly, favoring the latter.  ...

Teen Dating Tips while Social Distancing? Here’s how to do it!

The Coronavirus has taken the world by storm in the worst way possible, and as teens are wondering how they’re supposed to find love when the World Health Organization (WHO) is urging social distancing to help keep the spread of the virus at bay. Should you stop dating during the pandemic? What options are there ...

Viruses Are Not Quite Alive and Not Quite Dead, and Other Things to Know About COVID-19

What they are capable of is replicating and adapting, and each virus has a unique way of doing that. Viruses are programmed to detect particular surface proteins or channels on the outside of a cell, and make their way in via the favored route. A Cellular Doorway For COVID-19, the favorite avenue to cellular entry ...

Senna: The True Ex-Lax

Constipation is one of those not-so-exciting subjects that affects both children and adults from time to time, but because it is so common, it warrants a closer look. Bowel movements tend to occur about once a day after children have reached the age where their diet is largely comprised of solid food. Starchy foods, such ...

Preventing Colds, Flus & Infections

My son is in daycare and seems to pick up everything that anyone gets — colds, flu, ear infections — you name it. And then he brings it home! I’ve heard you say that a daycare of 6 or fewer would help, but switching to a smaller daycare is just not practical. What else can I do to prevent the cycle from continuing to infect us all? I don’t want my son to be sick and I can’t miss any more work! San Mateo, California ...

A gem: Vitamin D and Flu Season

Modern kids tend to spend much less time outdoors than kids did a few generations ago – and that change could make a particularly big difference in the winter months, with today’s kids often not making the amount of vitamin D they need for optimum health. Some have observed that kids who don’t get enough ...

CTs, MRIs, Ultrasounds: Differences, Risk & Benefits

What is a CT Scan? A machine whirs in an arc around a patient, snapping a rapid-fire series of x-rays from different angles. These x-ray snapshots are combined by a computer to produce virtual cross-section images of the body. These are called CT scans, which stands for computed tomography (computer-generated cross-sectional images). CT Scans Compared ...

Zeitgebers & the Circadian Rhythm: Working With Environmental Cues to Encourage Healthy Sleep Habits

Many parents spend countless nights on exploratory journeys, devising ways to convince their children that sleep is a good idea. In nature, animals fall asleep naturally and easily. Their bodies respond to the environmental cues around them, such as the shift in temperature and change in light, that signal to their bodies that it’s time ...

The Role of Vitamin D in Fighting Infectious Diseases

Vitamin D has at least two ways of reducing the risk of infectious diseases. One is through strengthening both the innate and adaptive immune systems, the other is through reducing inflammatory responses to infection. The “innate immune system”responds to threats in a non-specific manner. The “adaptive immune system” can recognize and deal with specific threats ...

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Feeding Baby GreenDr. Alan R. Greene

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