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Medical treatment for kids has come a long way. Learn about current practices for asthma, diabetes, blood pressure testing, and much more.

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Nail Fungus

Dr. Greene’s Answer: Dear Lesley, Last night I had bad dreams about nail fungus. Your story reminded me of the seemingly interminable battle I have had with them. Mine began when I was in college and rowed on the crew team. I had athlete’s foot that eventually spread into the toenails. The nails of our …

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Q&A Guides

Medications are often dosed with a long list of side effects. Dr. Greene talks through common medications given to children, and what to be aware of in choosing them for your child.

Handling Fear & Pain

Fear and pain often go hand in hand. Take a look at some common causes for each, and how best to soothe your children in these tense situations.

Medical Procedures

Considering a medical procedure for your child? Curious about the long term effects of anesthesia? Read on to learn more about common procedures for children.

Surgical Procedures

Deciding on surgery for a child can be a difficult choice. Here’s what you need to know about surgery in the 21st century.

Head & Brain Injuries

When does a bump on the head necessitate a visit to the doctor? Learn more about concussions, headaches and brain conditions here.

Sunburn & Heat Injury

After a long winter, most of us are excited to spend time outdoors – especially children! Read on to prepare your kids for a fun and safe summer in the sun.


Healthcare has grown to encompass many areas and many modalities. Take a look at the current healthcare landscape, and where it’s heading in the future.

Pregnancy & Birth

Pregnancy is often a time of joy, but sometimes comes with its own complications for baby and mother. Read on to learn about baby’s health in utero, and ways to address depression during and after birth.