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Now is the dawn of the “Terrible two’s” – but there is a reason for the mythos behind the toddler age. Although children are each born with a unique personality, their early experiences are profoundly influenced by their physical states and by their environments (primarily their parents). Gradually, though, sometime after they master walking, an irresistible urge to make their own choices begins to well up inside.

This is an exciting development, but the difficulty with making an independent choice is that they must disagree with you in order for the choice to be their own. Now, when you ask them to do something, they refuse.

Dr. Greene’s Toddler Center is here for you! It’s full of useful information about helping toddlers through their difficult transitions, and can provide tips on managing the common illnesses and discomforts of this stage.

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Temper Tantrums

Dr. Greene’s Answer: You are not alone! Most parents who have had a two-year-old have experienced the same situation and the same feelings. Temper tantrums are very common at this age, and when viewed in context, they can be an extremely constructive part of the development of a healthy child. Newborns and infants are quite …

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Ear infections, eczema, diaper rash, and more! Here we address common health concerns for toddler-age children.

Q&A Guides

The toddler years are ripe for confusion – for parents and children alike. Sleep issues, temper tantrums and biting are just a few of the storms we navigate in our Q & A section!

Terrible Twos

How to wean your toddler from the bottle, along with creative ways to turn frenetic energy into fun!

Toddler Discipline

Is that an oxymoron? Not around here. Learn how to say, “no” effectively, and set a positive example for your young ones.

Potty Training

The where, when and how-to of this milestone in your child’s life.

Toddler Education

Gain insight into the mind of your toddler and learn ways to connect with them during this phase of rapid mental growth.

Toddler Sleep

Getting toddlers to stay in bed is a challenge in and of itself, however, there’s much more to sleep than a good night’s rest. We look into sleep habits as well as health concerns related to lack of sleep.

Toddler Childcare

How green, and how clean, is your daycare? When should your toddler stay home? Learn the most important things to look for in childcare.

Toddler Fun & Play

The toddler years are when children first start to experience their autonomy. Playtime is the perfect space to safely explore their burgeoning creativity, as well as improve cognitive function.