What’s Your Toddler’s Poop Telling You?

When it comes to poop, a picture is worth a thousand words that's why I've teamed up with the DiaResQ to create this infographic as a visual poop guide. I hope you enjoy examining it as much as I do.

Picture this scene: A mom walks into my office and pulls out her phone. She scrolls and turns the phone to face me. On the screen is a photo of a previously used diaper. She’s concerned because when she was changing her toddler’s diaper she realized there’d been a change in the contents. This scene is not at all unusual. Whether in person or via image I examine the remains of the day on a regular basis.

Deep down we all know, our poop tells a story. And so does our toddler’s poop. When the color, consistency or frequency of stool changes there is a reason. Does a red stool indicate internal bleeding? Or is it yesterday’s beet salad? What can I do to change a hard stool that my toddler is withholding? When should I call my doctor (or bring him a dirty diaper to “read”)? Those are all great questions.

When it comes to poop, a picture is worth a thousand words that’s why I’ve teamed up with the good folks at DiaResQ to create this visual poop guide. I hope you enjoy examining it as much as I do.

Note: Dr. Greene is a pediatric advisor for PanTheryx, the makers of DiaResQ.

Published on: February 09, 2018
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PLEASE address the ridiculous idea (perpetuated by most pediatricians, unfortunately) that it is perfectly normal for a breastfed baby to go without stooling for up to 7-10 days. Uh no….. In this day of unhealthy guts it has become COMMON for babies not to poop every day, but it is NOT normal. I am an IBCLC – clients have a hard time believing this when the pediatrician says otherwise. Thanks!

Hi Peggy,

Thanks for writing in.

You can send your clients to this article by Dr. Greene, Babies and Constipation. (You might also want to include Dr. Greene’s bio to make them feel comfortable with his credintials.)

I hope that helps.
Best, @MsGreene
Note: I am the co-founder of DrGreene.com, but I am not Dr. Greene and I am not a doctor. Please keep that in mind when reading my comments and replies.