Children’s Safety Health Center

Did you know that kids’ bike helmets can cut the risk of injury by 80%? Did you know that the use of car seats has reduced infant automobile fatalities by 71%? But there’s still more for us to do!

Dr. Greene’s Safety Topic Center provides safety information that is essential for every parent. Here you’ll find tips on fitting your kid’s bike helmet correctly, facts about car seats and what to do when your child grows out of one, and guidelines for keeping dangerous household items safely out of reach.

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Crib Safety

Dr. Greene’s Answer: As tempting as it may be to put a pretty crib bumper in your baby’s crib, the use of these bumpers should be avoided. These bumpers can suffocate or strangle an infant; and an enlightening article in the Journal of Pediatrics in September 2007 concluded that crib or bassinet bumpers should not …

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Take a look at some of the common concerns for parents, including the affects of heat stroke, lead poisoning, and concussion.

Q&A Guides

Dr. Greene responds to questions from fellow parents, including topics such as car seats, choking risks, and crib safety.

Car Seat Safety

How to properly install a car seat? Is front- or rear-facing preferred? Take a look at our detailed guide to car seat safety to ensure safe, comfortable travel for the whole family.

Kids Travel Safety

From air travel to food allergies, going out of town sometimes poses unique challenges with children in tow. Learn how to best prepare for family travel to ensure clear skies ahead.

Gun & Weapon Safety

The safest solution is to keep a home free of guns, however it is possible that children may come across one anyway. Make sure your children know the risks involved.

Accidents & Injuries

Luckily accidents are deemed, “accidents,” for a reason; They don’t happen frequently, however, they are also unexpected. Here’s what you can do to increase safety in the car, on bicycles and in the home.

Food Safety

From the GMO debate to the many options to source your water, Dr. Greene gives his expert opinion on the food choices that make for the healthiest children.

Household Safety

Batteries, cleaning supplies and fire hazards – often people may not take note of potential dangers in the home until they become parents. Here we take a look at some simple ways to make the home safer for children and parents alike.