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The most common age for temporary hearing loss is during that same precious time when the miracle of language development is unfolding. The most common cause for temporary hearing loss is the fluid in the middle ear space associated with ear infections. On average, fluid lingers for 3 weeks following an ear infection, but it can remain for months.

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Ear Infections and Xylitol

My 7-month old has developed his first ear infection, and our doctor has started him on antibiotics. My question, however, is about the naturally-occurring substance, xylitol. It is sold in sugar-substitute form, toothpaste, and chewing gum. I recently read an article about xylitol aiding in ear infections. My question is, does this help? If so, how much and how often should I give it to my baby? He has 3 teeth, and uses a toothbrush for teething. Can I sprinkle a little of the “sugar” on the toothbrush? Thank you!
Christine Dwyer – Cincinnati, Ohio

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