Cancer Health Center

A cancer diagnosis is a tremendous blow to any individual and family, but it’s made all the more painful when it happens to your child. Whether you’re looking for information about cancer treatment, medical conditions and their associated cancer risks or tips on coping with cancer, Dr. Greene’s Cancer Topic Center is here for you.

In addition, you’ll find articles addressing cancer prevention and nutrition, as well as discussions about toxins in the environment and how to reduce exposure to pesticides and other contaminants.

Featured Article

Slash Your Child’s Cancer Risk!

Choices we make with our children can strongly influence their odds of getting cancer for the rest of their lives. Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and the Prevention of Cancer: A Global Perspective, released in November 2007, is comprehensive analysis of over 7000 different scientific studies. Based on these, the expert panel makes 8 core recommendations …

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A deep plunge into various subjects related to cancer.

Cancer Support

Facing a cancer diagnosis is extremely difficult, to say the least. Finding the resources that feel right for you, personally, can go a long way in navigating the process with support and encouragement.

Medical Signs

No one ever expects their child will receive a cancer diagnosis, and thankfully most never do. There are, however, signs and symptoms to look for if that may be a concern.

Skin Cancer

Going beyond sunscreen to keep your family safe in the sun.

Causes of Cancer

Causes of cancer range from diet to environment to genetics. Learn about some common causes, as well as ways to protect yourself against them.