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Expectant moms and dads are full of questions: What should I be eating? What sorts of tests should I have to make sure the baby is okay? How should we prepare for the newborn’s arrival? …And many, many more. Try to relax, take it one day at a time – enjoy this amazing process –  peruse the lists below for answers to your questions and don't forget to sign-up for Dr. Greene Pregnancy Newsletter to find out what is happening with your baby each week during pregnancy.

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Chemicals and Pregnant Women: Taking Care of Your Unborn Baby

We are now able to detect toxic chemicals, at what were recently impossibly low levels to detect, that may already have been causing human disease. I’m hopeful that this will pave the way for great improvements in health — especially when you consider chemicals and pregnant women.

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Pregnancy is an amazing time and there's so much to learn. We've pulled a few of our top articles to share with you here.

Doctor Visits

Here's what to expect during your Ob visit while you're pregnant.