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As parents, we’re all familiar with the struggles of getting our children to eat green veggies instead of purple, pink, and blue sugary cereals. We may also be familiar with the worry over making sure a teen eats at all.

For information on proper nutrition for kids of all ages, strategies for getting kids to eat their veggies, and eating disorders in teens, Dr. Greene’s Family Nutrition Health Center is just what the doctor ordered.

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Which milk is best — soy, rice, almond, or reindeer?

I’m still nursing my 18 month daughter because she can still be a picky eater at times. She’s not fond of milk and when she drinks it shes gets yellow diarrhea. She was at the Dr the other day with really bad eczema and the doctor thinks she may have a milk protein allergy. I want my daughter to get her nutrition requirements, so can you recommend a “milk” substitute? There are so many out there. I’m not sure what to buy and I’m getting SO many opinions from friends. Soy? Almond? Rice? So confusing. Thanks!
Lauren Mearns

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Dr. Greene’s in-depth report on ways to treat family gastrointestinal health.

Q&A Guides

How much food do children need for optimum health? How can you tell if your child requires a gluten free diet? Take a look at Dr. Greene’s response to other parents with similar questions.

Pregnancy Nutrition

You may have heard the old saying that when you’re pregnant you’re eating for two. While this may not be true in terms of quantity, it is true in terms of quality; your baby gets its nutritional building blocks, as well as acquired taste, from foods eaten during pregnancy.

Healthy Family Eating

There’s no need to create a whole separate meal for kids. Learning to eat what the rest of the family eats creates an adventurous palate while minimizing the workload. Learn how to encourage healthy choices from the earliest days of childhood.

Eating Organic

Eating organic food comes with a plethora of benefits. It’s not only good for the body, but it’s also good for the earth and the water supply, not to mention the farmers. Read on to learn about the many benefits of switching to an organic diet.

Infant & Baby Feeding

There seem to be an endless number of sources dictating how best to feed young children. Here are some of the things you need to know when weighing breast milk versus formula, as well as ways to address food sensitivities.


Artificial dyes and preservatives have been linked to conditions ranging from hyperactivity to certain types of cancers. Take a look at what makes these additives so detrimental, and what to look for when reading labels.

Vegan & Vegetarian

The decision to become vegetarian affects not only the health of the person doing it, but it also takes some of the strain off animals and the environment. Here we discuss the optimal ways to go plant-based, including during childhood and pregnancy.