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Expectant moms and dads are full of questions: What should I be eating? What sorts of tests should I have to make sure the baby is okay? How should we prepare for the newborn’s arrival? …And many, many more. Try to relax, take it one day at a time – enjoy this amazing process – and peruse the lists below for answers to your questions.

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Does what I eat during pregnancy change my baby’s food preferences?

We don’t know everything that goes into creating the individually unique aroma of amniotic fluid, but one ingredient is Mom’s diet. This was first discovered when garlic was smelled in the fluid of women who had eaten garlic.

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Dr. Greene explains diseases and conditions of interest to expecting mothers, including salmonella, rubella, and Down syndrome.

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What is the relationship between premature babies and stress hormones? Is it safe to nurse while pregnant? Dr. Greene answers questions from concerned parents.

Pregnancy & Birth

Pregnancy can be a joyous time, but it can also come with a lot of unknowns. Here we take a look at ways to best support yourself in pregnancy for the benefit of your body and your baby.

Labor & Birth

Labor may be the area in which expecting mothers have the most questions. Learn about skin-to-skin care, the relationship between breastfeeding and epidurals, as well as the benefits of vaginal birth.

Pregnancy Nutrition

Not only does a diet rich in fruits and vegetables support your growing baby, it also teaches your child to enjoy these healthy foods in the future! Delve into the nuances of nutrition during pregnancy.