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Researchers from Harvard Medical School conducted face-to-face surveys of almost 10,000 adults to learn about how common psychological problems are in the general population, and at what ages they begin. The most common specific problem in adults was major depression, followed by alcohol abuse, specific phobias, and social phobias.

The most common broad class of disorders was anxiety disorders, followed by impulse-control disorders, mood disorders, and substance abuse disorders. Across the board, half of all disorders in adults had started by age 14!

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Baby Blues

My daughter just had her first baby; she will be one week old tomorrow. Here is my problem. My daughter is crying a lot and says she is overwhelmed. It really bothers her when the baby cries and she cannot sooth her. Plus, she says her voice doesn’t sooth the baby like mine does. I am worried that my daughter might be having a little depression. What can I do? I go stay with her during the day until her husband comes home and I thought that was making it better, but last night before I left I heard her talking to one of her friends and she said she cries at the drop of a hat, which she had told me earlier but I felt she was feeling a little better in the day. I guess she wasn’t. I don’t remember feeling this way when I had my first. What can I do to help her aside from helping with the baby and house?

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