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Researchers from Harvard Medical School conducted face-to-face surveys of almost 10,000 adults to learn about how common psychological problems are in the general population, and at what ages they begin. The most common specific problem in adults was major depression, followed by alcohol abuse, specific phobias, and social phobias.

The most common broad class of disorders was anxiety disorders, followed by impulse-control disorders, mood disorders, and substance abuse disorders. Across the board, half of all disorders in adults had started by age 14!

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Coping with a Death in the Family

Dr. Greene`s Answer: It can be rough on everyone in the family when Grandpa dies. Questions, uncertainties, fears, and sorrow are all common and past hurts and fears often reverberate once again. Kids of all ages are likely to have many questions, even long after their loved one’s death. Each question does deserve an honest …

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An in-depth look at mental health in children, including physical conditions that often contain an emotional component.

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Dr. Greene responds to parents’ questions regarding mental health, including ways of guiding children through a death in the family.


An overwhelming number of adults say they have experienced depression at some point in their lives. Many reported that the feelings began before age 14. Learn about childhood depression and potential causes here.

Abuse & Trauma

We all want our children to have safe and happy childhoods. Part of that is being able to recognize if something is amiss. Here are signs to look for to keep your children and their friends out of harm’s way.

Stress & Anxiety

Often stress contains both mental, as well as physical, components. Stress in children is real and must be treated as such. Here are ways to help them through it.

Pregnancy & Parenting

Parenting is a beautiful experience, but it can also be exhausting. Read up on tips to help reduce stress and support the whole family.

Mental Health Care

OCD, ADHD and depression are, unfortunately, all fairly common in children and teenagers. Read on to find ways to help support children struggling with these conditions.