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If you’re like most parents, you probably have a lot of questions about what you should be feeding your baby, especially if you’re new to this parenting business. Wondering whether to breastfeed or use formula? Wondering how often to nurse? Wondering when to start your baby on solid food?

Wondering what you feed should feed your baby to give her the best possible start on a life of great nutrition? You’ve come to the right place! Dr. Greene’s Nutrition for Babies & Infants Topic Center has got it covered.

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Nighttime Feedings

My son is sleeping through the night now, but I have to wake him to feed him before I go to sleep–around 11:00. I heard that it is bad for him to eat right before he goes to sleep. This is the only way for him to sleep through the night. Should I stop doing it? He is 8 months old.

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