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I Think My Child Has ADHD, What Should I Do? There's a lot in the news about ADHD these days. Sometimes it's hard to tell if a child is just a normal active child or if there is something going on medically or environmentally that is keeping him from being able to concentrate.

Some kids benefit from medical treatment, while others can be helped with simple dietary or environmental changes.

Understanding ADHD and the options available can make an amazing differ-ence in school, at home, and in your child's ability to learn and grow.

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Tourette Syndrome: A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment to Prevention

Introduction to tourette syndrome: The great English poet, author, and conversationalist, Dr. Samuel Johnson, is believed to have had Tourette syndrome, complete with both facial and vocal tics. His towering success in his day — before useful medicines had been developed – can be an inspiration and encouragement to today’s families living with Tourette.

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