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Dr. Greene recommends beginning to take a daily prenatal vitamin if you might become pregnant, throughout pregnancy, and during nursing. Beginning as soon as a child is not getting the majority of his or her calories from breast milk or formula, Dr. Greene recommends giving your child a daily multivitamin / mineral supplement. This simple step could improve your child's health and even intelligence.

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What nutrients, vitamins and minerals are on your list of “the Greene 13”?

I heard you give a talk about kids’ nutrition. You mentioned the list of nutrients that kids aren’t getting enough of in their diet. In my notes I have “the Greene 13”, but I wasn’t able to take notes fast enough to write them all down. What are they? By the way, great talk!
Palo Alto, CA

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Dr. Greene gives a thorough explanation of common illnesses related to lack of vitamins and minerals, including anemia and rickets.

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What’s the recommended dose for vitamins in children, and what’s the best way to combat iron deficiency? Dr. Greene shares his insight into nutritional supplements for children, including his indispensible “Greene 13.”

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Vitamins and minerals play a vital role in almost all the body’s functions. In children, they are essential to physical growth and brain development. Learn about key supplements to ensure the health and wellbeing of your child.