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How can eating organic food benefit you and your family? The answer is: a lot. Here at Dr. Greene’s Nutrition & Organics Topic Center, you’ll find a wealth of articles about the benefits of eating organic foods, as well as information about where to find organic foods and which foods are most likely to have the highest concentrations of pesticides.

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Dr. Greene’s Organic Journey: Is it right for your family?

Dr. Greene’s Answer: My organic journey began in a cow pasture, believe it or not. I was walking on a diary farm in Vermont, listening to someone speak about the dramatic improvement in health for a herd of cows when it transitions from being a conventional herd to an organic one. The speaker made an …

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You may wonder if the higher cost of organic food is really worth the hype. Can two apples that look the same really be that different in nutritional value? Learn why organic foods are extremely beneficial to children’s health, and ways to make an organic grocery list more affordable!

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Dr. Greene answers questions from curious parents about organic alternatives.

Eating Organic

What’s the difference between biodynamic and organic farming? Can eating organic improve health and resistance to disease? Take a look at the many ways organic methods improve the health of both people and the environment.


Much evidence in the last 20-30 years has shown that preservatives, along with artificial flavors and colors, are not the innocent additives they were once marketed to be. Learn what to look for on food labels to ensure your children are getting the most benefit, and the least chemicals, out of their food.