Easy Ways to Increase Healthy Omega-3s in Your Child’s Diet

When MsGreene was pregnant with my youngest in 1995, she craved tuna sandwiches. She could tell you where there was a good one within a mile of just about anywhere we normally visited. Her body was trying to increase healthy Omega-3s.

Later studies were release showing tuna, and many other ocean fish, may contain mercury and PCBs. She was horrified at what she might have done to our son. For years she lamented, “I was just responding to what my body craved because my body knew it needed omega-3 rich food to build my baby’s brain.”

If you are like her, you’re probably looking for healthy ways to feed your unborn baby, children, and yourself omega-3s.

Some omega-3 fatty acids can be found in dark green leafy vegetables, walnuts, and some canola oil. Supplements are also an option. But I love to get them in another form.

Check out this week’s video to find out my favorite ways to include omega-3 in your family’s meals.

Increase Healthy Omega-3s in Your Child’s Diet


While MsGreene still wishes she’d found other ways to get the omega-3s her body craved she says she’s comforted by two things —

  • A few years ago she found out that the fish she was eating during pregnancy was likely very low or possibly even mercury and PCB-free because of where and when it was caught.
  • Our son is now in college and is happily engaged in rigorous study. Seems his brain is just fine.

Increase Healthy Omega-3s in Your Child’s Diet with these Recipes Kids Will Love

Published on: June 10, 2015
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Many women deal with this craving issue and usely and up eating unhealthy. Many people miss out on many healthy fatty acids simply because their diet is not balanced or does not contains the proper amount of nutrients for ones overall health. This is why I keep stressing the importance of a healthy diet.

Most Americans miss out on omega three and other healthy fatty acids from meat and dairy from grass fed animals. Animal products from grazing animals contribute almost 50% of these vital fatty acids in the Australian diet. Consumers can start by looking for milk, cheese, and butter from grass fed animals and purchasing grass fed meat. Grass fed beef is available at more and more conventional markets as well as specialty and health food stores. Lamb, goat, and bison are additional options. In addition to better nutrition, effectively grazed animals help sequester carbon, improve water utilization, and help reverse desertification. We can feed ourselves better and save the planet at the same time.