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What popular kids’ food starts to turn to sugar in their mouth and becomes 100% glucose by the time it’s absorbed?

You guessed it, processed white flour.

But here’s the surprising kicker, it’s the number-one most popular food for most kids:

  • White bread for sandwiches
  • Hamburger buns
  • Pasta
  • Pizza crust
  • Cookies
  • Cakes

They all add up to a very unhealthy diet.

What’s a parent to do? In this week’s video I outline how you can get a quick handle on which healthy whole grains are good (even great) and which ones need to go.

For many parents it’s not as easy as just knowing which grains to feed their children. It makes a world of difference when you are inspired with tasty, nutritious food. That’s why we’ve created a healthy recipe section here at

Healthy Whole Grain Recipes Kids Will Love:

Wild Rice & Apple Salad
Egyptian Lentils & Brown Rice
Sunday Brunch Rosemary-Lemon Biscuits

Note: Our recipes come from many sources — chefs, cookbook authors, gourmets, food gurus, and everyday cooks. No matter what category you fall into, we’d love to share your healthy recipes with our readers. Click here to send us your recipes.


Published on: June 23, 2016
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Hello Dr. Greene,

I have been living with cold urticaria for the past decade and am at my wits end. I am a 51 year old healthy woman, but I find myself confined to my home the majority of the time. I take 20 mg of Claritin daily just to function indoors. I am an RN in a hospital and find it challenging to preform my job duties because of the temperature in the hospital, operating room and with all the frequent hand washing. Is there a dietary component that I should be considering?
Thank you for any and all suggestions you might have