For those of you who don’t know Tara Parker-Pope’s Well Blog at the New York Times, it’s a fabulous resource. Her keen, balanced take on health issues sparks vigorous conversations from her many readers. I’ve been a fan of Tara’s for many years.

As the Times proclaims, “Healthy living doesn’t happen at the doctor’s office. The road to better health is paved with the small decisions we make every day. It’s about the choices we make when we buy groceries, drive our cars and hang out with our kids. Join columnist Tara Parker-Pope as she sifts through medical research and expert opinions for practical advice to help readers take control of their health and live well every day.”

Last week she published our recent conversation about the effect of parenting on a child’s lifelong eating habits. Bon appetit!

Published on: February 17, 2010
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