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My 9 year old granddaughter has contracted scabies. What is the appropriate medication to use for this problem? It is spreading all over her body.
Wanda – Ojai, California

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Scabies are tiny mites that commonly infest the skin. They are highly contagious. Children are the most vulnerable, but anyone can get them. Whenever a child develops intense itching, especially at night, the possibility of scabies should be considered.

What Are Scabies?

The adult female mite is pinpoint in size, barely visible to the unaided eye. She has four sets of legs on a round body covered with brown spines and bristles. When she lands on someone’s skin, she burrows underneath the outer layer within 30 minutes — usually without being noticed. Every day she extends her burrow by up to 1/4 inch horizontally under the surface of the skin. Along the way, she lays little oval eggs, and also leaves many tiny fecal droppings. She will survive for about a month, and then die within the burrow.

The eggs hatch 3-5 days after being laid. The little larvae squirm through the burrow back towards the skin surface. They reach maturity in 2-3 weeks. They mate as soon as they find partners, and the pregnant females each start new burrows.

Scabies like to burrow in the web spaces of the fingers, the creases of the wrists, the armpits, the ankles, the feet, the genitals, and the nipples. They can occur anywhere on the body, although the face and neck are usually spared.

Do You Have Scabies?

Usually, the person doesn’t suspect any problem for about four weeks, while the mites burrow and reproduce, without causing any symptoms. Eventually, an allergic response develops in the host person. (If a healthy person has had scabies before, the allergic response begins within minutes, rather than weeks. On the other end of the time spectrum, if a new host’s immune system is supressed, the allergic response may take months rather than weeks). Itching is caused by this normal allergic reaction to the mites, the eggs, and the feces. Itching may be quite intense, and often appears before any visible sign of infestation.

Soon, 1-2 mm raised red bumps begin to appear (they often look like pimples). Sometimes they are crusted, scaling, or ulcerated. Occasionally there are blisters or hives. Threadlike burrows are sometimes visible under the skin. After several weeks or several months, though, a widespread eczema-like rash may camouflage the original problem. The scabies rash is sometimes confused with drug reactions, eczema, seborrhea, chicken pox, and other viral rashes.

Scabies Treatment

Most cases of scabies are completely eradicated with a single overnight application of 5% permethrin cream (Elimite cream), available by prescription. It is the preferred agent to treat scabies all the way down to 2 months of age (more than 30% of scabies are now resistant to Eurax lotion, an earlier treatment). Elimite should be massaged into the skin from the scalp all the way to the soles of the feet. It should be thoroughly rinsed off 8-14 hours later. All family members, baby-sitters, and close physical contacts should be treated. Usually, a 2-oz tube will treat one adult.

We’ve heard from a lot of our readers that permethrin isn’t working for them. Our friends at The People’s Pharmacy agee that scabies are developing resistance to permethrin. According to Terry Graedon, “Ivermectin is a drug used to treat a variety of parasites including heartworm and river blindness. It is fairly effective against scabies either orally or as a lotion (Rosumeck et al, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, April 2, 2018) [but] the FDA has not approved ivermectin for treating scabies.”

Lindane is an effective alternative treatment, but I don’t recommend its use. It works and it is cheaper, but it is also far more toxic. In pregnant women and infants under 2 months, a smelly sulfur ointment is often used nightly for 3 to 5 days.

How Scabies Are Spread

Spread of the mites is usually directly from person to person, but the mites can live with no host for 48 to 72 hours. For this reason, clothing and bedding should be washed in hot water. When this is not possible, items should be left in a sealed plastic bag for 7 to 10 days.

Even after successful treatment, the dead mites, dead eggs, and fecal material will remain in the skin for 2 to 4 weeks (until the skin grows out). Thus, intense itching is expected to continue. Antihistamines (especially at night), topical steroid creams, and the liberal use of moisturizers will often help. Sometimes antibiotics are needed, if scratching results in a bacterial infection. If the rash continues to spread after treatment, or if itching persists for longer than 2-4 weeks, reexamination and/or retreatment may be necessary.

Scabies infestations result from close physical contact, not from dirtiness or poor hygiene. Treat all contacts aggressively now, rather than waiting for the infestation to spread any further.

Medical Review on: September 04, 2019
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My 6 yr old grandson was diagnosed by his doctor with scabies in June, confirmed by scrapings. We did not want to use permethrin on him, so began research and testing. For him, the turning point was aloe vera. It immediately stopped the severe eczema caused by the mites and allowed us to concentrate on the actual mites. His hands and feet were the worst. Tea tree oil in olive oil was somewhat effective but did not kill the eggs, so it kept coming back. My son was also infected, but tea tree oil and olive oil worked very well for him. Eventually I also was infected. Tea tree oil was problematic for me – I appear to be allergic. Had some success with oregano oil in olive oil, but you have to be careful or it can burn your skin. I did not use this on my grandson. We also tried need oil (smell was overwhelming) and clove oil, which worked about the same as tea tree oil. In my research, I stumbled on an article referencing lemon oil to kill mites on rabbits – the research indicated full eradication after 2 treatments. I bought pure lemon oil extract, mixed it 25% lemon oil, 75% olive oil and applied it with a spray bottle, rubbing it in afterward. It killed the mites, even those embedded in the skin, and the eggs. Please be aware that once they are dead, they will itch very strongly for several days. Scratching them will cause them to become inflamed and take longer to heal. If I just applied the lemon/olive oil and did not scratch, they went away much faster. For my grandson, applying the oil to his hands and feet for a few days completely cleared up the scabies. Each day, I had him wash thoroughly in the morning, and applied lemon/olive oil. Midday I applied aloe vera, then in the evening we repeated the cleansing and lemon/olive oil routine. Every member of the family was checked daily, with lemon oil applied to any suspicious spots. We are now Scabies free. Lemon oil is an easy, non-toxic way to kill the mites and it actually smells good.

Additional notes:
1) I make my own hand soap. During this outbreak I added tea tree oil, clove oil and cinnamon to the soap. I never had an outbreak on my hands. Eventually I also added lemon oil, which I still do as we like the scent.
2) Scabies are not killed by water. I learned this the hard way – I got scabies taking a bath after my grandson. I learned to spray the tub down with bleach after a bath.
3) Bleach kills scabies. Adding 1/4 cup of bleach to a bath will kill them, but is hard on skin and hair. My grandchildren were swimming daily in a pool treated with chlorine (in our backyard, not a public pool). This helped to reduce the scabies.
4) In the beginning I washed all clothes and bedding daily and rotated clothes so that nobody wore anything a second time for at least 3 days. After finding the lemon oil, I stopped washing bedding every day, going to twice a week, but still washed all clothing and let it sit 3 days before wearing again.
5) Because we have 7 people living in the house, I bought a natural spray made with Thyme and sprayed all furniture every night. I also wiped down counters, tables, door handles, stair rails, anything anyone touched with bleach every day. Vacuumed daily.
6) In the long run, only 3 of us had a scabies infestation, although my older grandchildren did have a few scabies here and there, easily eradicated by the lemon oil.

I hope this helps someone.

Hi Ellen, would you be willing to share the brand of Lemon Oil you found success with?

(Part-2) I almost forgot to mention this in my previous post (Which You NEED To Read First)….
#11-All Face and Bath towels can only be used ONCE, after you’ve taken your daily shower, they must go in your White Plastic Bag with the other dirty clothes.
#12-Bed Sheets and Pillow cases must be changed DAILY. They also can only be used once, then they also go in the white Dirty Clothes Bag.
#13-Use NEEM OIL in your Lotion and Peroxide & Borax Body Spray. Need Oil does not kill mites but it seals their mouth shut once they eat it, preventing them from feeding so they die.
#14-You may want to change your diet too, these mites easily live in an acidic environment within your body. You much change your body to Alkaline making it harder, if not impossible for them to live. Meaning, you must REMOVE SUGAR & BREADS from your diet. Replace them with Fruits and Vegetables. Eat ONIONS and Garlic DAILY, they create Sulfur in your body & these creatures hate Sulfur.
#15-Lastly, speaking of Sulfur, these mites are killed by Sulfur. That’s why you must use Sulfur in with your Damascus Earth to kill them.
Good Luck.

This is going to be kind of a long post, but you MUST do EVERYTHING I say to get rid of Scabies.
#1.-ALL. PETS. (Except) Fish, MUST. GO.!!! Its too difficult to get rid of the Mites on You & Your Pets.
#2.-ALL Carpet MUST GO, they can live in the Fibers of the Carpeting, & you’ll Never be able to vacuum all the Pest & their Eggs.
#3.-Your Clothes must be washed (Weekly) with HOT WATER, Borax, Peroxide, Salt, Sulfur Powder & an Industrial Strength POWERED Detergent. Yes, mix this combination together because they CAN survive in the Water.
#3a)-Dry your clothes for at-least an HOUR, anything less is NOT going to be effective.
3b)-Put your Clean Clothes in a Black Plastic Bag until you need to wear them. Also, bag your Dirty Clothes in a (Separate) Plastic Bag before your weekly washing.
#4.-Remove ALL clutter, Paper, Magazines, etc, from your dwelling. LIVE MINIMALLY until this infestation is over.
#5.-Sweep and Mop your Floors using Concentrated Bleach. After you’ve moped, sprinkle Damascus Earth + Sulfur Powder Combination on your floors, Yes its messy, but this is the effort it takes to get rid of these creatures.
#6.-(For Your Body) SHOWER. EVERY. DAY. Don’t take Baths, these creatures can still live in your standing bath water. Use a Face-Towel, usually sold at Walmart and rub Dr. Teals Body Wash (Sold At Target) into the towel, then rub that over your body, area-by-area, don’t try to wash your whole body with one squirt of Body Wash.
#7.-For your hair use Tea Tree & Neem Oil Shampoo (Sold At Amazon).
#8-Once you get out of the shower Use Sulfur Cream, to make it last you can mix it with some Coconut Lotion.
#9-Mix up your regimen, every-other-day, don’t use the Sulfur/Coconut Lotion combination. Spray Peroxide & Borax on your skin & rub it in.
#10-Lastly: Make sure to CLEAN HARD SURFACES in your dwelling, using Concentrated Bleach.
If you do these steps and do them CONSISTENTLY you’ll rid yourself of these Scabies Mites in a Few Weeks. Before I forget, You should use a daily Alcohol Spray 91% on your clothes before you leave your home & use it in your car as well. This Alcohol Spray can me mixed with an All Natural Bed-Bug Killer. Again: DO THIS TO KILL THE MITES, or they’ll NEVER Die!!!

I have oftenwondered if it is in our water that we shower in. I mean, these things don’t die. so, why wouldnt they be in the water that is treated (with what) and recirculated. If whatever the water is treated with worked so well, why wouldnt we put that on ourselves and it should work, right? Oh yeah, i guess we do when we are showering.

sometimes, the longer i shower, the dirtier i feel.

My friends if you are wondering why you cannot get a diagnosis for your Scabies condition please read…some Dr. are not trying to help us because if they diagnose Scabies on you, they are obligated to treat you. Dr. do not want Scabies patients as they know Scabies are resistant to the medicine available. They also do not want us in their offices due to the contagious condition. They will tell you to your face “you don’t have Scabies” when lesions are visable. I brought them samples of Scabies on a lint roller my chart reads “Scabies specimen brought in, no body of origin.” I have been to 7 Dr. All are saying the same thing. We are abandoned and on our own treating this in the city where I live. The government health services has mandated skin scrapings but Dr. still do not diagnose Scabies patients. This includes Dermatologists too.

Thank goodness I found this site., and a nurse recently mentioned that infrared light therapy worked for a patient. I’ve been struggling with a bad lice (and also recently realized scabies) infestation for a LONG time and I have just found relief, and I’m making progress. I have been to several doctors, used ivermectin, other prescription meds, every OTC product, oils, diatomaceous earth, etc. One doctor diagnosed scabies as well, which I had thought was my normal eczema, but it got exceedingly worse. I had no luck with ivermectin/permethrin creams, despite several 30-day treatments. I was so grossed out, and uncomfortable, as well as exhausted from all of the cleaning and laundry. I used the borax/peroxide combo that someone had suggested in a post, and this gave me great relief when I could feel them move or bite. Unfortunately, I left it on way too long on my head and my hair, which is bleached anyway, over-processed and became like mush, and has now broken off… my fault. I have finally found relief and have seen a 60% + reduction and hoping for elimination soon with more diligent use of what seems to work for me. A nurse at the clinic that I have been working with, mentioned that she had a patient recently tell her that she had a similar experience of resistant scabies and she had tried every medicine but light therapy was what finally worked. I researched the light therapy, and along with the suggestions found here, I’ve been using Dr. Ben’s Evictor Oil numerous times a day. In addition to the daily laundry with borax, bleaching floors, showers with borax 2x + daily, changing linens, and all clothes daily, using a red Therabulb and the oil all over my body, and house, really seems to be working. I initially had lice on my head and then scabies on my body, which went crazy. I ordered the red light equipment and its working so well that I’ve ordered a few more to do my whole body at the same time. I know that the red light is working miracles for me, and the oil seems to be too. Thank you to all who recommended the oil. It’s not greasy at all, and I don’t mind the smell, as I’ve always loved cedar, and it’s very light. The people at the oil company were very helpful, and I’m not on my second order. I ordered a 32 oz. first to see if it worked, and I just ordered a gallon. I like the fact that I can also safely use this on my pets, and home for treatment too. I feel that I can finally manage this and can eliminate it completely with more treatments during the day now that I’m home, as well as diligence with my diet. As others have mentioned, the parasites seem to be thriving on a high sugar diet. I have an overgrowth yeast problem that I can manage my diet, and just need to do so seriously, as it will likely aid the elimination/healing process. Although the Organic Olivia site uses red light therapy differently, I used her recommendations for purchasing the red infrared bulb and brooder lamp. As I’ve mentioned, it worked so well, I ordered two more for a whole-body treatment. Thank you to all for your suggestions, many have helped! This whole situation has been a nightmare but I am hoping to see the end soon. I hope this helps someone else!

Agreed. My family doesnt believe me and both times that I went to a clinic the doctors denied seeing anything although they would not come close enough to get a good look, wore
latex gloves but would not touch my scalp, looked at the samples i brought and said they didnt see anything and prescubed some scalp cream for dermatitis.

I spend hours everyday cleaning myself and everything i come in contact with and get very little sleep as i also work full time. i have no life and have spent every penny on various treatments.

the condition worsens in the afternoon and evening and also when there are heavy chemtrails and rain.

nothing seems to work. it is horrible to be itchy at work or if i have to spend time inthe company of family, pretending im fine, not plagued with parasites and have lost most of my hair.

Like many others on this thread, I have been fighting pesticide resistant mites for over 2 years now. After over 50 Permethrin treatments, Ivermectin (Oral and topical, even gave my self intra-muscular shots of veterinarian ivermectin), Benzyl Benzoate applications for weeks at a time, every home ready (neem, essential oils, bleach baths..I could go on and on and on). Even though most of my skin is finally healed and showing no pruritus for the last 3 months, they continue to crawl, bite, and multiply on me. I’ve spent weeks recently pouring over pharmacological studies for all kinds of potential cures I may have missed. I am very confident in a new class of drugs like Afoxolaner. The most common form is NexGard, this is a chewable tablet for dogs. Even though this is only in a form approved for canines, MANY studies were conducted with pigs to determine the safety and efficacy of this class of drugs. I have ordered NexGard chewables from Australia directly (they are prescription only here in the U.S). Tonight I will be dosing myself with approximately 2.75mg of Afoxolaner per Kilo of my body weight. This is a one month dose. I will update everyone with my progress, effects, etc.. on this thread. May god be with us all :)

Any update?

Is the nexguard working or not

Curious for your results with Afoxolaner, especially longer term. Been dealing with (bird) mites for a few months now, permetin and ivermectin have had desired effects. Probably because they can live of host for months, eggs even longer. Although I’ve read permetin itself can give you the feeling of mites for weeks to even months, as a nice side effect..

do scabies bites appear individually? i have lone bites on my legs. i know 100% it is not bed bugs or lice. i have the rash PRIMARILY ON MY BACK but sometimes i have few isolated bites on arms torso or legs. i do not know if this is scabies or keto rash. scabies usually is not confined to the back from what i have read.

Dear Friends…I have suffered with Scabies for 2 years before coming across a scientific study about Niacin B3. Scientists have tested supplementing Niacin for Staph infections, and have found Niacin works. I too have found success with stopping additional Scabies outbreaks by supplementing Vitamin B3 (Niacin, the flushing type). The night I began using Niacin I noticed improvement the next morning. There is some discomfort with the flush for about 30min after taking. I now like the flush because it also disturbs the mite. They quiet right down after taking. Niacin also helps you sleep well. I have gradually worked up to taking 4500 mg per day. 3, 500mg tablets 3 x per day. My Dermatologist said “Niacin is excellent for the skin and yes, they are seeing Niacin work on skin infections.” She also said, “I am doing much better!” Please note: Do not take the Niacin that is non-flush, it doesn’t work on Scabies. I recommend the kind from the health food store rather than the Drug Store grade. They are about $10.00 per bottle. Please keep using a topical treatment that works for you and along with this, gradually increase a good Niacin supplement. You will notice a difference soon. Be well!

A couple of things that work temporarily for me but must be used daily just to make life livable. Perhaps I will eventually kill them off.

1) Vinegar/water with borax. 50% water 50% white vinegar and for every gallon that you make add one cup of borax. Heating it up will dissolve the borax quicker. You only need a big bowl of this to wipe all over your body morning and night after a soothing shower. Wiping works better than spraying. Dipping is best, but costs a lot more. This can also be wiped on cats/dogs with no problem, too. They can lick it with no harm or poisoning. Buy vinegar at restaurant stores in town for the best price.
2) Dish washing liquid/Tea Tree oil baths. A full bath with 3 tbs of Dish-washing liquid added. Also put 5-8 drops of tea tree oil in the bath water. Agitate well and soak for awhile, including your hair. After, just dry off (using the towel only once) and put on tea tree oil (TTO) lotion. Wash your hair regularly and condition well with your normal shampoo, but preferably not when you are taking this bath. *Remember: Tea tree oil is poisonous to cats so be careful.
3) Tea Tree Oil/ lotion. Choose a cheap lotion that you like because you will be using a lot of it. Add about 7-10 drops of tea tree oil to each cup of lotion you make and mix. You can add neem oil drops also, but it smells for about 15 minutes when you put it on yourself.
4) Some people prefer to make and use a lotion mixed with MSM (sulfur) and TTO. I don’t know the measurements, but it doesn’t take much.
5) Windex. Original Windex kills them instantly for some reason, but I think the eggs go unscathed. I spray it on the floor, I dust with it, the tub/shower when I am done, 3 feet up the wall, I wipe the washer and dryer down, I wipe inside my dresser drawers, I spray my mattress top and sides when I wash my sheets, the inside of my car, at work, and many other applications. It gives an effective, but short break. Don’t spray Windex on animals. I wouldn’t spray myself, except for my feet at times.

I noticed my cats got very itchy whenever they went outside, so I know the mites can live outside for awhile, too, even in the hot sun. Perhaps that’s where they originate. So I kept my cats in and sprayed Talstar out there, and then 4 days later, I sprayed Neem oil mixture (2 tbs neem, 2-3 tbs Dawn, a gallon of water) out there again. I spray at least 3 feet high, up walls, etc. I’ll rotate the different sprays every 4 days for awhile. I don’t know if me or my cats will go outside for a long while so we don’t keep bringing them back inside.

Cannabis growers swear by Forbid 4F for mites on their plants when used in rotation with some other miticide, too. However, it’s extremely expensive ($200+) and is not rated for spraying the interior of the home.

Keeping them off of yourself will be your hardest challenge even if the house gets better. You don’t want to destroy your skin and hair, so don’t use things that are really concentrated. Your skin will itch just because of being irritated. They don’t work anyway. This is a long battle, but as you make headway you’ll begin to notice where they are and aren’t because of your hard work. Re-spraying everything is just the way it goes.

A long, hot clothes dryer doesn’t work as well for these mites as it apparently does for regular scabies. It’s the washer that makes the difference with these and so borax or some drops of Tea Tree oil along with regular detergent must be added to the laundry each time you launder. Cold water works fine with these too. Don’t forget to wipe out your drawers with Windex regularly.

**Make sure that you don’t have bed bugs, or bed bugs AND mites. Bed bug bites tend to itch more, be bigger with one red dot in the middle and heal slower. Climb ups for bed legs, mattress encasement (pillow, etc), and Cimexa dust will stop them.

Here is a great website for scabies, and although this is not scabies, the information there may help some:

We all need to pray to God about this. It’s world-wide. Pray more and more, asking God to help. He helped with polio and numerous other situations. This has been going on and getting worse year after year with all the bugs winning.

Not true. It has been proven that people can contract animal mites. It is false information continuing to be propagated that the mites are species-specific. The mites are zoonotic ectoparasites.

Proof that animal mange can transfer to humans:

From the article:
“A 56-year old man attended the Dermatology Outpatients Department with the complaint of a localized, extremely itchy, erythematous papular lesion of acute onset on the ventral aspect of the right thigh. The patient was referred to the Microbiology Lab for the microscopic detection of the fungal elements. The KOH mount from the skin scrapings showed no fungal elements, but it showed the mites of Sarcopetes scabiei mange.
The Sarcoptic Mange is noteworthy because of the fact that it is a zoonotic disease which can easily be passed on to humans.
A close contact with infested pet dogs was considered as the main predisposing factor in this case. The response to the antiscabietic treatment was dramatic.”

“The mite is transmissible to humans on close contact with infested animals. The animal scabies in humans presents with a totally different picture from that which is produced by the Sarcoptes scabiei var hominis (human itch mite) infection.”

I’ve been battling scabies ( at least that’s what I think it is) for a few weeks now. I seem to have very aggressive case and they are multiplying rapidly. After 2 permethrin treatments and 2 trips to the doctors I resorted to ivermectin, the horse paste. Tonight after my second dose the bugs were crawling all over and Biting a lot. I stripped off in the bath and literally hundreds of bugs cane off. The terrifying thing is their size. They must be between 1 and 3mm in size and under a magnifying glass you can clearly see them. Has anyone else had anything like this? It’s really freaking me out!


‘ Human Immune System ‘

Doctors, such as Dr Bruce Lipton, a World leading Professor at the cutting edge of Human Biology, is strongly claiming, in 2020 on YouTube, that if humans live with any form of tress in their lives, the toxins created by stress in our bodies, will adversely affect and stop our Immune System, from fighting infections, diseases, etc.

So, it is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT, that together with using good medicines, to fight scabies and other diseases, that we feed our minds, spirit and body with goodness and joy, such as exercising daily, sun shines, music, good food, some chocolate, anything that brings joys, releases good chemistry in our bodies, rather then the toxins, created by STRESS, ANGER etc, which will work against our bodies immune system.

1. STRESS – Reduce stress, by eating well, exercising, sun light, breathing good air, walking, being around positive peaceful people.

2. MEDICINE – Patience, persistence, pays. Use a protocol of natural or pharmaceutical treatments, such as;

A. Salt Water – Wash area of infection with salt water (fresh water
mixed with kitchen salt. MORNING and NIGHT. This will relieve

B. Natural medication – use such as: Raw Garlic, Chilli pepper, Lime,
lemon, or lemon oil. (mix with oil or water, to dilute, if needed).

C. Aloe Vera – helps restore the skin, if damaged.

D. Plant Oil – use olive, or sun flower, coconut, or canola oil. This
revitalizes and relieves the skins, from dryness.

Scabies – I also have had scabies for 8 months, since September 2019. All over my fingers, between my fingers and on the top of my hands. I have tried all the pharmaceutical creams, such as Permethrin, for months, but the scabies keep on returning.

Dogs – I caught scabies, from a little homeless puppy, I found in the forest. I came from a wild pack. I saved his life, raised him, but also caught scabies from him. I was washing him and treating him, for months.

The scabies on the little puppy, it disappeared quicker, when he was happy and getting plenty of exercise, swimming, sunlight etc.

The puppy he has now gone to a good him. Scabies free. But I was left with a infestation on my hands. Which I am battling.

I uses Tea Tree oil for months, was using it “undiluted’ then eventually my hands became very swollen and I developed sever ‘CHEMICAL BURNS from the Tea Tree oil. So, very very careful, with tea tree oil, it is powerful, make sure you dilute it. I live in a tea tree forest, where Tea Tree oil comes from, Melaleauca trees, all around my home, here in Australia.

So, now, I am trying to follow the PROTOCOL I have outline above. Still going ….. with a smile on my face. Going for a swim, and job this afternoon. Scabies are still between by fingers, very itchy, but I’m learning alot and winning the fight, slowly. Soon all gone. I believe.

Stay happy, keep the stress levels down and the joy levels up.

Take care everyone.
My best wishes to everyone, around the world.

Never give up.

Marty Dunn
Sydney, Australia

This sounds like bed bugs

Tea tree oil is an effective topical treatment for scabies since it relieves itching and heals the rash on the skin, but it doesn’t work as well on the eggs deeper in the skin. You can also add a few drops of tea tree oil to a squirt bottle, and spray it on your bedding.
Scabies will not go away on its own. It can only be cured with prescription medications that kill the mites. Treatment is a cream or lotion that is applied to the entire body from the neck down in most cases. It is left on for 8 to 14 hours and then washed off…

First thing they are like bed bugs you must steam treat your house seal all clothes in bags for 5 days min this treatment cost 3-$5,000 per house professionally. I just got scabies and bedbugs myself because I bought infested house that they stated no infestations. Then you need min 5% cream leave on body for 8-10 hours every inch. treat again in 4 days. That is everyone in household must be treated 2oz treats entire body lightly approximaley.

Turn your hot water heater up to max then wash all clothes this will be enough not have to iron every single piece of clothing. The only way you kill bedbugs and mites is by heat above 180 degrees. You can rent a tile steam cleaner from the big chains. Then you must also treat every square inch of carpet bedding with professional pesticide you can order online.
I killed my bed bugs in 1 day. Now go figure same house few days later rash on belly button and feeling like stuff crawling under my skin. Led me to be positive scabies yuck.. I know becuase I am professional GC and pest control tech.

This is proper advice for everyone plus what Doc states above! I am no doctor but know how is all.

I have had a bad infestation for 5 months. I just want to die. I have done the treatments to a T! I have done things to my body out of desperation that a human should never do. I have them in my eyes, my lips and scalp. I thought I was crazy because Drs say its not possible. But yet thousands of people on the net are reporting the same thing. I have spent just about 3000.00 to date. I have tried theses and many more: Tea tree oil, Neem Oil, salt baths, vinegar baths, bleach baths, tanning beds, saunas, hot tubs, clove oil, Pine tar, drawing salve, Apple cider vinegar and Benzyl Bensoate. EXTREMELY high doses of Ivermectin for long periods of time. Permetherin that I order 6 tubes at a time from Australia. I have been aggravated and mad throughout this but now that they are in my eyes and I am honestly scared. I have seen Drs and to make it short it took months to even get the first RX but once I got it and it did not work I could not get more than two refils of bot Ivermectin and Permetherin. I began ordering online. I get the equine Ivermectine from Tractor supply. But with all this I am just not seeing any progress at all. If anyone knows anything please help!!

UPDATE. It worked and worked soon. Sooner than all predictions. The 116 comments almost all panic and tears. The main thing was: beside treatment (links) to use 91 rubbing alcohol to clean anything that I touched, and the strict hot and chlorin laundry for bedding/closing ( and I will discard all of that after full healing).
treatment you only need ( while I ordered by hit and miss so much more unnecessary things):
1) Here is Maximpulse explaining how to calcute dose
2) Here is about horse paste
3) sulfur butter I used actually San Marcos sulfur from amazon)
4) lyclear ( permethrin 5%)
5) Aloe Vera organic oil – it is noit killing scabies, but fact healing your irritated skin in between treatments.

i got scabies at night ride in Megabus NY- DC in mid March 2019. I was sure it is bed bugs itch, because I heard about bed bugs in buses. So I lost about 3-4 weeks, when decided finally to google my rash by image. My situation is “no money : DIY”, I can not at present time to afford a doctors appointment, alas, and I read all possible sources. I got a cheap wrong sulfur (de cruz), then right sulfur (marcos), then 5% permethrin creme (on ebay). I now suspect my immune system is weak, I used only 2 days ” to cover entire body ” by sulfur and then by permethrin. Sudden side effect was to find my face to be at morning after being covered by creme- to become scary blue, and I googled again-Methemoglobinemia , cyanosis, side effect of chemicals. And probably also because of weak immune system, the scabies are on my face and neck. Anyway, i trying my own tactic: thus I am not going to cover my entire body by cremes anymore, but staying near mirror-i covering only the affected areas. not many. There are 10-15 mites at one person. Also, as the professionals writing about drug resistance by any bugs , so as bed bugs so probably scabbies became already a super bug, and the advice of scientists is to change frequently the treatment, not letting bug to adjust, so I have sulfur and 5% lyclear, awaiting for Scabizil (which is same as Kwell and Lidane) and for benzyl benzoate in order to change them . My personal know how is to add to washing/boiling/vacuuming tasks another and easy one: I am using 91 rubbing alcohol spray- I am spraying where I touched things, spraying everything that is possible, since it is cheap and easy way to disinfect. I am positive, slowly and step by step scabies are manageable.

I had this for a long time what do do I try everything nothing works do I get antibiotics from my Dr.

Antibiotics aren’t used to treat scabies, but perhaps you should see a doctor. He can go through the list of what you’ve previously done. He may have advice regarding additional treatment or he may be able to troubleshoot what you’ve done in the past to see if you’re missing something important.

I’m just wondering whether if we left the clothes unwash for more than 3 days i mean for the clothes which unwear in the cupboard, will the scabies dies after the 3 days? rather than we took out so many clothes from the cupboards to wash in hot water n put in the dryers and we need to irons ALL those washed clothes. It’s so super tiring.

Yes, if you have four beds, four sets of clothing, etc. rotate them so you don’t contact them for four days. This avoids the constant washing, etc.

Copied from a comment on the wrong thread, from Josie: I have had these scabies since 2017 and I have them all over my body and they keep biting me and going into my skin. I have spots all over my legs. I don’t love myself anymore. I feel like a big walking scabie. I can’t sleep at night. I itch all over — they sometimes sleep with me — they won’t let me sleep. What kind of medication can I get to get rid of these brown spots and the itch and the hurt and the redness and infection?

i have scabies itches like crazy bumps all over arms stomach back and legs :( . how do i get rid of it on my clothes i’m doing cream tomorrow night again i did it last saturday but don’t think i put it all over my body the way i should have so treating it again with cream tomorrow night. Going to wash sheets again and dry….most of my regular work clothing etc.. i can’t dry these clothes because they will shrink so after i wash in hot water and hang to dry what do i do. I also bought a few new tops the other day do i put them in garbage bags for how many hours??

Need help on what to do for furniture and cars and couches hard wood floors and toilet seats etc…??
I’m miserable can’t sleep , skin feels like its burning and so inflamed and itches like crazy :(


If your “dry clean only” clothes got contaminated, you can bring those to the cleaners to steam dry wash them. That kills the scabies eggs and mites. From the cleaners, do not wear them again, until your body gets 100% ridden of scabies. Switch to using cotton clothing (underwear, bra, shirt, dress, etc.) in that way these can be washed in hot cycle and very hot dryer. You can wear these safely close to your skin. Join a gym with warm whirpool jet pump. Soak for 45 minutes (or longer) everyday. This will flush out the mite eggs from your skin.

I would suggest asking your doctor for Ivermectin (oral medication) to go along with your Permethrin treatments. I’ve done 5 of each over a month… I had them really bad, I was miss-diagnosed 3 times wasting time while they reproduced and got worse. I probably had them 3 or so months before they finally diagnosed them and I started treatment. I still feel my skin crawing a bit but I sleep well and I think it’s residual crap because I can’t believe they could live through what I did. As for cleaning and such… vacuum, furniture too, always use fresh towels, always wear fresh clothes… don’t pick up those pj’s from last night and put them back on. Never. Change your sheets and blankets out daily while your doing treatment. Have less stuff out in your bathroom so you can wipe down the counter top more easily. I keep hearing Windex works great to kill them… who knows. I use Windex. Rotate your pillows… they die without you in like 48 hours so take your pillows to another room. Look you can go crazy cleaning and such… just be mindful and stay clean. Here’s a great trick my doctor told me… take Bounce Dryer Sheets and shove them into the couch cushions… chairs or what not. He said it kills them. He suggested lining the bed under my sheets but what a pain. I just got permethrin spray and I spray the mattress under the sheets. The way I feel now compared to 4 weeks ago is like night and day. I’m going to stop treatment for a week and see how I feel (i was hitting them with one or the other back and forth, every 3 to 4 days).

For those of you who can’t afford 800 dollars in doctors/drugs to fight these buggers, read some blogs and you’ll find that you can buy ivermectin paste for horses at any feed store or on Amazon. Copy and paste this in your browser… The Ivermectin is the same for us and the horse so whatever you weight, dial it up and read the instructions that come with it. It stresses NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION… but a doctor told me its the same thing. make sure it’s just Ivermectin and doesn’t have an additive to kill heart worm. my link is good stuff.
You can also make your own permethrin…
I would mix that 7 parts lotion to 1 part permethrin liquid. And that hits at about 4.6% permethrin lotion which is pretty much what you are prescribed.

Good Luck and knock um dead.

Good Lord! I have read all these and it’s so horrific. I tried permethrin three times. They went away but came back. Having waited for months to get it from South Africa, I tried Flowers of Sulphur and I honestly don’t know if it’s working as I am experiencing the same symptoms. I have read on other forums that this can be normal while they are dying away. I only have a few spots and I rub fresh garlic into them and they disappear. I also read that eating fresh garlic or garlic capsules, with odour, not odourless, helps. Tea tree is another one I have used on the affected areas. These help to reduce itch but unfortunately I don’t know if this is going away or not. I am so angry with the dermatologists. They diagnosed idiopathic urticaria and left me for a year thinking it was it. Assured me what I had was not contagious. Then the came up with eczema??????? It is all so upsetting and I worry that I could have passed it onto someone.

Hey i am also from South Africa i visited almost 30 doctors non of them manage to cure my condition .I got scabies infestation in the year 2012 until now i haven’t got the medicine ***any help guys cause i am literary dying

Hello absolutely do not listen to or believe most of the Dermatologists diagnosis’, they are ignorant to most parasitic infestations. Matter of fact the condition is down played by most ER’s and urgent cares, if they caught it their tunes would change. you say your a little upset with your Dr., there is on ER dR. round here who damn near got his clock cleaned for incorrectly diagnonsing me. IF you want to go natural neem oil, tea tree and coconut oil for absorbtion. Chemically let you Dr. do his job Ivermectin, Permetherin, etc.

I have dealt with the little biting bastards for 2 1/2 years now. The only relief I have had is from adding sulfur powder[sublimed] into my shampoo, baby powder, body lotion,etc. The doctors I first had i fired, due to not believing me. the new one says he”s not an exterminator, the exterminators wont do anything. Sulfur spray for outdoors has sulfur and permethrins, but it stinks. If you dont mind stinky home it can be found at home depot or Lowes. go to a do it yourself bug store for strong permethrin mix and precor. Precor is a birth control for bugs,wont allow them to grow into laying adults. Dont know about the eggs yet. At least it only stinks of bug spray till you air it out. You could add sublimed sulfur to it. Sublimed is pharmacy grade and doesnt stink like regular sulfur does. Also any real doctor who knows of issue on you and does nothing to help should be fired and lose their license, because it will only spread further when untreated. Very irresponsible in my opinion. Especially since its so hard to find a cure , and so @#$*ing expensive. Any poor person on medicaid like me cant afford the million cures it takes to find the right one. Dr, green should please do more research and help us poor suffering folks. And here”s an odd fact -The cat is itching too, but not the old folks I stay with. Could it be that the blood thinners they are on keep the pests away? Am I really on to something there? Dr, Green may be able to get a hold on that one. We hope. Lemme know will ya? Any help on this is greatly needed and appreciated.

RAW GARLIC is like napalm on Scabies

Hello, How to use it

I got sufferred by Scabies for two months and after the treatment red dots on my body is cured. But the itching over all my body still occuring. Is Betamil Cream will be good for it?

This doctors can’t diagnose it!

I have a family of 6…about 3 months ago my 16 year old daughter started breaking out; we thought poison ivy or allergic reaction to new body wash. 2 months and it was horrible and way worse and I had it starting on my arms too by then. Doctor said scabies prescribed permethrin X2, once from neck down before bed shower in morning, and again 7 days later. Thank God for insurance cuz it was 2 tubes at $355 for both and it severely irritated her skin and made them become super active. She got no sleep that night, they aren’t gone, but getting worse. I took a super hot bath with 1/2 gallon white vinegar the day she did first treatment. After water cooled I rinsed in the shower with plain water at a comfy temp; when I dried off I applied a mixture of 1 Tbsp 100% pure, cold pressed coconut oil and 7-10 drops 100% pure clove oil all over just like applying lotion. It was greasy and had me sweating from the warming effect of clove oil, and after a few minutes I could feel itchy crawly sensations in random places. I laid down and took a nap-5 hours, as if been up all night researchin and stressing-when I got up my skin was incredibly soft and only a few spots remained. The spots that had been the worst and scratched raw but I looked for the most part healed and it lasted almost 4 days. I was supposed to do that each morning and before bed but with 4 kids got sidetracked and didn’t stay persistent. They came back but worse and I did the bath but tried the coconut oil with tea tree oil instead and used aloe Vera during the day for itching but it didn’t work at all and the smell was horrible. It almost seemed as though the tea tree oil and aloe Vera made me worse like they like it almost cuz I did this to our 9 month old also cuz she’s so pitiful and her scalp is covered also her neck on the back is too but after that treatment it’s all over her chest back stomach butt etc. So I believe from experience this far that vinegar Clive oil and coconut oil is best and smells good and my skin has never been so amazing it made the gross greasy feeling worth it. I’m going to start back with this and continue til gone the recipe/ad said 10 days I think not really sure cuz I’ve read so many things my brain is confused but I’m also gonna get some of the dr bens evict or oil I read about on here. I’m drawn to the fact that it’s non toxic and can be sprayed everywhere on the body and in the house cuz I have kids and this morning discovered our 9 year old now has it. So far our 5 year old my husband and my father in law don’t so we’re trying to get it gone before everyone has to experience this miserable unending nightmare. If the dr bens doesn’t work the debriefing soap and peppermint oil bath above sounds promising. Good luck everyone hope this info helps and maybe soon my family will find relief also. ~Keisha~

Be careful with clove oil. It is a blood thinner and can cause purple blood blisters and bleeding (usually on your arms).

well, i got scabies on september 20th from mess as a student. Doctor mistreated me thinking it fungal infection. Then after 2 months another doctor diagnosed me with scabies and as he told mixed scabigard lotion with caladryl lotion and messaged it thoroughly from neckline below to toe. DONT MISS EVEN 1 SQUARE INCH OF SKIN UNTREATED. Then it worked. I slept the first night in 3 month. But again after 1 month it got resistant on scabigard. Doctor prescribed another cream with scabigard. The thing is reduced a lot. Lets see if it works completely on me or not.

I have been using Dr Bens evictor oil on my skin for getting rid of scabies.
It works reeeeeaaaly well. It is non toxic. It has cedar oil in it that kills the scabies.
My 9 year old and 13 year old use it also. I bought a gallon. I put it in a spray bottle and spray it directly on my body from head to toe. I can feel the bugs stop crawling after I spray it on. Dont dilute it. Use it full strength. It is the Dr Bens Evictor oil.
Call the company. Cedar Oil Solutions. The lady I talked to was super helpful!

hi terry.. im from Philippines, do we have that dr. bens evictor oil here in the Philippines.. cause honestly my baby is 7months old only he got this itchy at 5months.. and now it is still there.. ive tried everything and went to doctors many times, but nothing happens when i applied it on them.. it may go a little or it lessen the itch.. but it came back full again all over his body.. i need help.. im crying so much everytime i see him scratch at night and cant sleep, and crying… help here.. thank you

How long have you had scabies and how long have you been using the evictor oil?

My wife and I have scabies and I just tried this two days ago and this is the most comfortable I’ve been in a very long time. The solution is to take very long hot showers. Start your water at warm and slowly turn it to max hot. The idea is to cook the mites and their eggs. I wash each body part one at a time to make sure I really heat em up. Remember the key is long and hot. Personally I try to stay in for at least 15 minutes. My wife stays in for 25 minutes. Strangely enough, I find that the hot water can relieve some of my itching on my feet where I am infected also. I will also add that if you have access to steam rooms, saunas, whirlpools and such, take full advantage of them! We do this twice a day, before and after work. I would recommend 3 times a day if possible. After you get out of the shower, apply sulphur lotion. Be sure to have at least 4 sets of sheets and shams, one for each day. If you have two cars, switch cars every 3 days, or turn up the heat in your car for a very long time and fry those bastards!!

I take hot showers,and after drying off I apply Vick’s Vapo Rub,especially to rashy areas,and everywhere I know these things are prone.Yes at first you feel like you will hit the floor,but afterwards no more itching.If you feel itchy after somewhere else,apply there too. I’m not saying this will get rid of scabies,but I now have less outbreaks,and in the middle east,camphor oil is used to get rid of scabies.Trust me,I’m so sick and tired if reading crazy “remedies”,my head is literally spinning,but if this helps me ride this out,I will do it! Also someone mentioned their cat in one of these messages-don”t believe the vets when they try to sell you the Advantage-used every two weeks,last time I had these things,and it does not work,get earmite med right away,use it EVERYDAY,even if your cat fights you.Wrap their legs in a towel and apply it.I almost killed one of my babies doing the Adv.,after I had to tell the vets the situation,this is all they had to offer,disgusting.I knew right away this time-they were shaking their heads,and even picking up their paws and shaking them too.Sickening that I did this to my animals again.BTW,I either got these from my chiro’s office or my OB/GYN. Only places I’ve been in quite some time…….mind blowing.

If I wash my clothes in hot water but don’t want to dry them they will shrink . what do i do to smother the scabies out of my good clothes so i don’t keep spreading them

so i need to treat my car too as well how do i do that?

Anyone know what is safe enough to put on a 2 almost 3 month old baby with scabies? I’ve tried the permethrin treatment once and it made it worse on her feet, she had a bunch of bumps on her feet and on the bottom after treatment. She has it all over, her shoulders, back, stomach, legs, arms, hands, feet.. If they’re not huge bumps they’re tiny little ones ALL over. I feel so bad for her when she wakes up at 4 am itching and crying.. Her pediatrician prescribed her hydrocortisone to help with the itch and permethrin 5%, one treatment didn’t do it all so i tried baby aquaphor oitment, calaclear anti itch lotion, and calamine fast anti itch relief lotion.. Nothing seems to be working.. Anyone have any suggestions I could use on her?

you have to give her Bath tubs in Enzyme solution, or oils like scabies system with oils tea tree oil neem oil peppermint oil eucalyptus oil, Lice Shampoo’s, you have to give your baby baths, every day at least 3 baths, and trow away the tub water, have her sit for 20 mins each time or else she will die
stop using permethrin, is really bad! and it hurst the lungs and heart

This shampoo in this link is very good, wash all the body with it all the time

You can buy BUTT PASTE at any drugstore. This can be used on babies. That is how I learned about it.
Doc BEN’S Cedar Oil is the best CURE. CURED ME AND MY DAUGHTER.

I sympathize with all you scabies sufferers. I am now into year five with infection. First three years I was told it was allergy, staph, chronic hives, eczema. Finally with scabies…started permethrin..relief and slept for the first night in years. Second treatment week later. Was thinking this is too easy after suffering so long. Third week erupted everywhere. Thick crusts on legs and arm. Started doing two treatments a week for 2 months then daily for a week. Dermatologist laughed and said not scabies as its not on my hands. Put me on antibiotics for weeks and IV treatments. Nothing worked and still erupting a year later. My scalp is a mess. This year after two months of suffering (been washing everything nightly for 5 yrs, vacuum daily, and don’t sleep in my bed at all) I was sick so spent time resting and had my hand on side of my scalp. Week later, for the first time in 5 years, it finally erupted all over my hand, between the webbing of my fingers and on my palm, but only on the hand I had resting on my scalp. Started permethrin treatments once again…daily for a week then every week for 2 months….still not getting a handle on this. I get relief for a couple days after treatment but then its back full blown. Scrape the crusts of my arms and scalp and wherever they appear. In Canada there is no other treatment other than permethrin. Docs said there’s nothing more can be done. I am now ready to call it quits. I feel for anyone I may have spread it to through my work place and elsewhere.

You can also soak in VERY HOT water with 20 muleteam Borax and peroxide, at least 30 minutes. We did twice daily. It feels good, relaxing, stops itching and KILLS SARCOPTIC MITES. SCABIES.

Janice. I just literally tried this 2 days ago and it has been a miracle for me and my wife. I shower two times a day, before and after work, in very very HOT water. I start ir at lukewarm first then as my body gets used to the heat, I would turn it up to max slowly. After I have ir at max one near ir, I put myself under that hot water for as long as I can take it, jump out to cool down then jump back into the water. The idea is for the hot water to boil the bugs and their eggs. It’s probably not an instant thing but I spend at least 15 minutes in the hot water (my wife does 25 min)?these past two days and I am feeling a lot better. While at work today, I felt an itching in my forearm. Went into the bathroom and I basically boiled my arm (lol) and bam no more itching. So remember, hot showers, at least 2 times a day. If you have a sauna and heated whirlpool, do those too. When you leave your house, turn up your heat to max and put a lot of dehumidifers in your home. Have 4 sets of sheets and shams, one for each night. You get the idea. Wish you well.

Dear Janice,
Well, I’m 95% bug free since June 24th. These are not average scabies, and although they present as scabies, I have seen little beige colored scabie bugs, and some flat brown scabie bugs, no joke. I have decided that I am not going to have these bugs for months and years. These bugs are immune to typical medications for scabies. They like to reside on the head, and move around like head lice, but they are under the skin. They bite so hard it is painful. They like to stay in and around the ears, eyes, and nose. The adults move into the body at night to lay eggs, and return back to the head as their main residence. I was supposed to wait until the 30th to take my second TX of Ivermection, but I took it Friday, as the bugs have become less and less prevalent, and I want to “stamp them out”.
The Ivermection worked for about 6 hours, and then I felt the crawling again on my head, but slow movements..
I have bleached all the bedding, towels, and cloths every day for weeks. My husband vacuum’s the house furniture and floor twice daily, and the car immediately where I ride as a passenger. I use the truck only to drive.
My husband sleeps in a separate area, and uses a separate bathroom, and we use the kitchen at separate times. He remains bug free, and we will keep it that way.
I sleep on plastic over the mattress, and put a fresh sheet daily over the plastic, and a towel. I use one chair in the living room, and one chair on the porch which is hosed down every day.
My cat age 18 got the bugs from me. I’m going to take her to the vet if the lime sulfur TX doesn’t work. The dogs are OK. they got Permethrin shampoo’s and Nu-Stock on itchy spots for weeks. I don’t go near them without gloves. I wear gloves every day.
As an afterthought, Permethrin put on a cat will kill the cat. One must be very careful with medications for animals or humans.
Anyway I don’t have a life right now.
Well, back to bugs. Through trial and error I have been experimenting on myself to find a solution to the problem.
We have a steamer for the furniture, as soon as the lime sulfur dip arrives for my cat. (A sponge is used to apply the medicine, no dipping the cat, and it must be carefully applied avoiding the eyes, mouth and nose). I will cover all the furniture with sheets everyday after steaming including steaming my mattress, my bathroom and around the kitchen floor everything for her and us.
By the way, hot baths with boric acid and tea tree oil, it was a bust.
I thought I discovered a cure with an old remedy made with flowers. It wasn’t strong enough. It was supposed to make the bugs exit the body after 20 minutes.
I’m back to bag balm. You can find it anywhere, it is sold as a skin moisturizer. And my skin is as moist as it could possibly be. The only down side is a study was made that shows bag balm grows hair even on bald heads of men that have been bald over 20 years. (It probably kills bugs in hair follicles, or bacteria that stopped hair growth. I just hope it doesn’t stimulate hair growth in general, or I’m in trouble).
On Friday I covered myself head to toe with it. I put the bag on my head over my hair, making sure to slather the bag balm well on the back of my neck. This time I’ve kept it in my nose with a Q-Tip, and I’ve kept it on my eyebrows, and around my lips. I’ve also put it on my ears. I show my husband my eyelashes during the evening before my shower, and beige bugs are loaded at the tip of the lashes killed by bag balm. So gross.
The bugs like to go inside the ears, and I hear little clicking noises in my ears. I was almost free of them with this process, but I stopped too soon.
I put chrysanthemum oil in each ear lying on my sides to do so before bedtime.
I made my own lotion with pharmaceutical grade sulfur, I bought J&J night time baby lotion, 27 ounce with the pump. I added 6 ounces sulfur, and 4 ounces lavender oil. The 37 ounces lasts me 7 days. It’s probably close to 30% sulfur. I’m not entertaining these bugs anymore. The lavender oil keeps the skin moisturized, and breaks down into a type of estrogen that the body utilizes. Also it causes extreme calmness when the bugs are moving around.
I take 2 and sometimes 3 showers daily (if the bugs wake me up in the night. I also use 10% sulfur soap with lavender, and I use a light 10% sulfur salve during the night for itching on the feet between the toes or otherwise.
I did the bag balm routine before but I stopped one day short of a cure. I left it on all over along with the sulfur treatment, so I am doing it again for 5 days, maybe 6.
In the morning I have strong coffee with my hubby on the porch. After 2 cups of coffee the bugs become active on my head and neck. The activity is less each day, and slower.
So, when there is no activity on my head for 2 days I will stop the bag balm, but continue with the sulfur soap head to toe, lotion and salve for 10 days.
I will let you know when I am bug free. Almost there.

Think “Feed Store”. Purchase Ivermectin for internal dosage and permethrin 10 percent cattle spray.
Same stuff, only it is AVAILABLE.
You can google research done on persons in Columbia and Africa in which one dose of ivermectin cured many persons in studies.

Dear Janice,
I am doing all the right things, text book perfect to rid myself of these bugs. I was exposed on June 24th 2016, sitting in a cloth backed chair at the doctor’s office.I will not have these things for years. I’ve always had beautiful skin, and I intend to keep it that way.
I cannot imagine having this blight, period. My nights are interrupted by the habits of the bugs, and I have jumped up out of bed at 2 or 3 am to take a shower with sulfur soap head to toe omitting my face. I’ve noticed raised area’s that seem like little overgrown skin spot’s that are reddish brown.
Janice, these bugs are not average scabies.
I promise I will find a natural cure for these bugs. I am so frustrated, and tired of paper towels, sulfur showers, tea tree and boric acid baths, washing 3 to 5 loads of laundry every day.
Tie dying my pants, so they don’t look too odd from the bleach, air drying my hands, wearing gloves all day, sulfur lotion, and sulfur salve, triple sulfuring my feet and hands, pills testing different things, this weekend greasing up head to toe with bag balm. Vacuuming everything twice a day, I know just how to tie up grocery bags to wear on my head so it looks like a square something.
Enough is enough. I’m on a mission. I will continue to do research, even back to the 1800’s if I have to. I will find a safe plant cure to use to get rid of these bugs, as they are immune to Permethrin, Ivermectin and Sulfur.
I’m listening to everyone who is so afflicted, I hear you crying, as I am afflicted and I will discover a cure. Right now I feel them moving slowly on my head, so the bag balm is having some effect. I am familiar with that product, and knew someone personally who was in contact with the product for over 40 years, and lived to be almost 90, and passed with natural causes.

janice its terrible but my doctor said is not scabies, but i think are the same symptoms I am using Dr. scabies products and is good product before I used permetrin, Eurax 10% and nothing helps know Iam using clobex spray and also is good product . Dr. scabies includ, soup solution cream and repelent you can look for ebay or amazon

Dear Janice,

I just acquired scabies last month from sitting in a cloth chair, and the temperature was over 100, lots of people around with few chairs to sit on waiting for their appointments.
The scabies presented across my back just under bra where my skin was covered by thin cotton that day.

I harbored the bugs for 3 weeks until it presented.

My 2 year old grandson acquired the rash, so I went to the ER to find out what was going on. Four doctors between us said we had scabies.

This insect has evolved way beyond conventional treatment. It bites hard, and I have already felt the bugs in and around my nose, in my ears, and around and in my eyes even 2 days after conventional treatment. So I have done research, and discovered that conventional treatment kills the live bugs, but if one has been infected for quite some time, eggs are buried deep under the skin which leaves the eggs to hatch out 2 to 3 days later starting the process all over again. No matter how much cleaning is done it is fruitless.

It (the bug), is large enough to see with the naked eye. It appears beige in color and I discovered that rubbing across the skin with cold pressed mum oil or tea tree oil causes the bugs to suddenly jump out of the skin just before showering and they can be felt as small granules on the skin.

I also discovered Nu-Stock made strictly for animal use works for scabies. I have used the product for many years for my animals. It is organic, and 73% sulfur. Two days ago I applied most of a tube all over. Last night around 2:30 I awoke with all the itching, and I hit all the hot spots. Today I washed the necessary parts, and checked my skin. Ninty% of the bugs are gone. Mind you I have left that sulfur on for two days, and will be keeping it on another day and night. My husband says I look like an alien.

One was creeping up to my boob. One nest or bump was above my right eye. One was close to you know where, and a few were on my upper right side. I found some bumps and tracks along my right foot, and up my leg, I also discovered a well hidden bump between my third and fourth toe. There were a few bumps on my hands, and a track of blisters and bumps up my right arm. The blisters are full of immature bugs and eggs.

Wear gloves if you clean those areas as the bugs want to attach to your fingers. Anyway I have slathered the ointment all over the active areas making sure my feet and hands are very well covered. I have not showered for two days. I continue to have bugs moving on my head.

By tomorrow if it continues I will consider Nix for head lice, as scabies should be responding to the vast amount I have smeared on my head and neckline and face. Also, I have worn gloves continuously, and long pants that cover the top of my feet.

When I left the ER, and was walking towards the car, it was windy, and I literally saw bugs fly off my skin when I stepped into a ray of sunshine. So these can move and drop, so it is important to keep them maintained while you get rid of them.

Basically 5% permethrin just kills the bugs. After using the permethrin, a very long hot bath with boric acid and tea tree oil using a very fine soft scrub brush brings live loose eggs and such out of the skin. When you see them floating on the surface carefully rinse off as they go down the drain. Clean the brush or one can reinfect ones self.

The bugs don’t like oils either, as it impedes their breathing. Before showering, rubbing down with say tea tree oil mixed with another oil half and half, (as full strength tea tree oil can cause skin burns) then rubbing your skin gently head to toe will loosen the bugs out of your skin . Also, during the day for a short cut, but kills the bugs and eggs, eventually, one can purchase Johnson and Johnson baby lotion 27 oz. with the pump top. Remove 7oz. Add back to the bottle 1 oz. pure lavender oil and 6 oz. sulfur powder. The pump makes it fast, the lotion is soothing, and the bugs are sedated and slowly dying. For me I didn’t know about the hot bath so here I am still fighting bugs.

Please help me my family of 5 had/have scabies we have done two treatments of Derbac-M last Saturday and 2 days ago the blisters came out on my fingers.I have done everything possible high wash and tumble dry everything bagged things up and used and binned rubber gloves feel like I’m going crazy can’t sleep at all and crying I feel so bad for my 3 young kids can anyone please help

My family of 5 had/ have scabies .We finished our second lots of derbac M treatment but two days ago j woke up with the blisters on my midle finger now my other fingers.I have been washing everything hoovering and wearing rubber gloves and then putting on the bin what have I done wrong ? Please help me I’m going mad all is cry and can’t eat or sleep this ruinning my life I feel so bad for my 3 young kids

I have felt so frightened by all the stories. I contracted scabies 4 weeks ago at the doctors office of all places. I broke out 6 days ago across my back where I sat against the chair for over 2 hours. I ordered 8 batches of mums, (natural insecticide), and cold soaked the flowers in olive oil. I did the 5% Permethrin treatment 2 days ago. I can still feel bugs crawling and biting on the top of my head. Today I put pure tea tree oil on my head. I don’t care that I look like a grease ball. I still have red itchy bumps around my feet (tops), and under my breasts it feels likes bugs are still biting, and on my sides. I wear gloves all the time. I have bleached all the towels and bedding. I’m sleeping on towels at night. (Easier to wash). Everything is going in the drier too. My husband has gone through the treatment, without any symptoms yet. Sadly I scratched the dogs and the cats, and they are in contortions scratching. Today I received 2 ounces of sulfur powder that I have added to 15 ounces of Johnsons baby lotion, also I added 1 ounce of lavender oil to counteract the bad smell of the sulfur. It also is very soothing for the itch. The extra part of the mix is usable right away. I’m adding more tea tree oil to my head tonight, and after a hot shower, and a good scrubbing of my skin I’m going to see how I am in the morning. If needed I’m going to use the mum oil during the night, and the sulfur lotion during the day. I can’t imagine having these bugs past another week. Although I must deal with my animals now.


How hard. You’ve done so much. It must be totally frustrating to get re-infected.

The best way to kill scabies on clothes and bedding appears to be high heat. If your dryer gets to over 122 degrees, you can just put laundry into the dryer for 20 minutes of high heat AFTER they are dry — in fact, you don’t have to wash the clothes and blankets first to kill the mites and eggs, but if you do wash them first you must have them on high heat (over 122) for at least 20 minutes AFTER the clothes are dry. Most dryers have a 10 minute cool down period at the end of the cycle, so don’t count that in the 20 minutes.

One quick thought — have you also cleaned your car? This is not likely to be a problem, but it sounds like you’ve done everything else! There are sprays that can be used in cars.

Good luck,

I have just found out that I have scabies. After suffering with this for about a year. I have tried the permethim cream 4xs nd taken the pills but still no relief. Now my insurance has changed and I no longer have coverage….This is driving me crazy with the scaring and itching…they do travel to my face ears nose and everywhere else on my body. I really need help don’t know what else to do. I keep calling the Dr. to tell them I’m still breaking out but all they keep saying is use the cream which I know it’s not working or strong enough. Is there any help out there please help me….I don’t know how many ppl may have gotten this from me because I work in healthcare and suffered for at least a year before I even knew what I had….I have treated my son as well with this cream although he never showed any signs of this infection. I desperately need help please is there somewhere I can go get treatment that will work… Please Please help me… and Thank you.

some people have taken baths with a cup of cayenne pepper. They say it burns them out. Others say that tea tree oil helps, as I imagine it would since it dries up skin.

I bought the 10% permethrin liquid from Amazon. I mixed it 50/50 with lotion and used it after my shower for 3 nights in a row. It seems much better, but what helped even more was a 20 minute soak in the tub with borax and peroxide. It is such a relief. Now, I’m waiting to make sure it’s all cleared up.

My son has contracted scabies when he was 8 month old. doctor prescribed antibiotics, itching syrup (I forgot the syrup name) and after completing antibiotics have to use permethrin lotion to my son & all of my family members, have to clean cloths with hot water. we used it & worked good. we had relief from it but my son still has on his hand & leg. doctor prescribed to use fucicort cream (streiod) but I read in internet using streiod much is not good. what can I do now? my son feels very uncomfortable at night. I am again pregnant now. I will again affected with scabies? please suggest me…..

I have “Licefree Spray” around the h0use. It is a form of common salt (NaCl ) I spray myself whenever I feel the mites moving on my body. I spray it at night after a shower (using sulfer shampoo), then mix aloe vera with sodium bicarbonate and a little rosemary oil and apply that over my entire body. This procedure gives me a good night’s sleep and don’t feel the mites until the next night. For any “tunnels” or severe itching, I apply 10 percent permethrin (veterinary) to those spots after the shower. The 10 percent permethrin eliminates those spots in a couple of days – I wish it were a permanent cure!

Visit and search Scabies thread, also Topix The Cure Zone. Your best bet may be sulfur or Benzyl Alcohol. If you can find a pure tea tree oil or clove oil (not the watery cheap junk), it might help. So sorry. Good luck

Hi i have been infested by scabies and its been 3 yrs now. The first infestation was when i got this new job and moved to a new place. The infestation it spread to my leg,back,my tummy and every where possible it stayed with me for about 2 to 3 month and at that time i didnt know that it was scabies i just washed my cloths with hot water and took bath every day..and ot was gone and after that i had it again when i went for a tour for few days,for few years the bump was jst in small areas and would go away it self, but this year i got it again on june and i thougjt it would go away by itself but instead it started spreading all over…now i look like a monster i used permethrine lotion,and then i thought of using natural things and i started using neem oil mixed with olive oil but it doesnt work either….I am presently pregnant and am afraid to use anything that could harm my baby…please help…

Hi was just wanting some advise of your son has cleared up ? Myself and family have got these horrible things and after doing to treatment it came back I’m going mad I feel ill from this am so sorry for my 3 young kids


i contacted scabies at a homeless shelter. A guy named larry had it, so sitting in his presence every day is the way I had contacted it. Seen the doctor when i had the medicaid card. I took two treatments of the permethrin 5 % lotion a week apart. it worked great. the rash started disappearing ,. The itching started getting less and less the whole month. Seemed I was cured by the end of the month completely. No more itching, rash gone, but wait. The bad news is the eggs left by the now dead mites hatch and start your scabies all over again. So the eggs have to be killed as well as the adults or you will only be cure for a few weeks till it starts all over again. i thought i was cured till another rash appeared 6 weeks later. I have no insurance now and only work 3 days a week. I am screwed. If the government was smart they’d give away the medicine free before it’s an epidemic

I am suffering from scabies for 6 month .I take medicine like permethrin lotions and clobetasol propionate and gentamicin cream but no improvement .

Give me a advice and medicine .

try sulfer ointment it works great ! Just dont put to much on and over use it or it will make your skin itch a little bit , apply once im the morning this ointment last about 12 hours, but this stuff does miracles on those lil bastards, and be sure to take baths with some bleach or borax with a little tea tree oil in it .

Dr. Greene…I was introduced to debriding soap by a friend. It’s all use it in the bath and soak in it. The debriding soap draws everything out of your skin. I also added peppermint oil to the bath to kill any live scabies or eggs that would find their way to the bath water. This is after one treatment with permethren..I have seen no mention of this debriding soap anywhere on the internet but…I swear by it and it makes total sense to draw the garbage out of your skin. Your thoughts?


Hi Dr. Greene,
I’ve had this for a few months, unfortunately too many incorrect diagnoses. Now I’m treating with permethrin and ivermectin. They seem to work great the day I use them, but then about 3-4 days later I start having the crawling pinch/bite feeling gradually increasing. And now I’m noticing more and more tunnels. I have no symptoms in any crevices. Just under breasts primarily, buttocks and I feel them in my hair, ears, nose, eyebrows and lashes…
I disabled with limited income… I’ve already maxed out $ on the medication. I see a lot of clove garlic bleach ideas. What I think would help is knowing exactly what is happening each day. And yes, I clean all bedding everyday in hot, clean clothes each day, I stopped using towels and use paper towels and throw them out. There has got to be a realistic solution. What can I add to my routine?

Garlic and clove oil (eugenol) are both blood thinners. If you are on blood thinners or have purple (blood) splotches on your arms or hands, you shouldn’t use garlic or clove oil.

I have a 19 month at home we did the treatment and the rash just seems to keep spread in getting worse and more red. My daughter wakes up to scratch and cry saying ouch. It breaks my heart I don’t know what to do

Brianna did you ever get rid of it? I’m going through the same thing with my poor baby and daughter

I hate scabies! I would not wish this on anyone except a child molester, given too much faith in the doctors already. Me and my fiancée have been infected for two months now and her son 17 yrs old who lives in the main house away from us has had it and treated with permetherin to be clear and not itch for weeks now. I have a low immune system not because I am HIV or have cancer but for some other reason.she has used permetherin and gotten rid of them but I keep giving it back since we started treating ourselves. I have been to 3 ER’S 4 urgent cares and have used permetherin and iivermectum together and 2 other times just permetherin, also 1 eurax to only find out it won’t cure me 100%. This is my 2nd time going through this hell. 10 years ago I had it and used lindane after 6 months of hell. Now I’m scared to use it again, does anyone know if it stays with you forever or is it safe to use since its been so long? I used a baking soda paste allow it to dry and spray vinagar and borax and its crazy how the scabies come pouring out of my body! Tea tree oil after the rinse in shower, and borax dusting of clothes and body before bed. If I bathe the surface of water in tub has tiny floating jelly things seen only at a angle view of the tub water. Be sure to wear plastic bags on feet and do not allow jelly to touch u or anyone else u can soak n hot water ,vinagar ,and borax use scrub glove and tea tree oil and mint shampoo on glove and sulfur bar of soap to help fight the numbers of them neem oil after you dry off all over to keep the itch from keeping u awake. I have read a lot and yes they do live on your face sometimes, mine are at the corners of my mouth chin and behind ears earlobe and can watch them retreat into my mouth when pressed or poked. Tip of my nose had something and neck bottom of my feet hand’s arms wrists and legs ankles calfs shoulder and shaft of my #$%&%.!! I used a horse fly spray on my interior of my car and the next morning was shocked at the nasty dead things on window switch’s dash and seats. If you have scabies don’t be a socialite and spread it to ur friends or family warn the people you come into contact with don’t be ashamed and keep quiet with them. Good luck . my doctor was set on pyrosiss and that I was diabetic, After the dermatologist PA made me into a face picking meth head and not listen to what I tried to say was happening and condensed me about what was the matter with me. I am hanging in there .where can I get the lindane from.?

Try clove oil! You can also make a spray from it! My mother caught it from my brother, she swears by it. Hope it helps

I am face scabies in my private part i have done lotsoff checkup but there is no any solution. my life is about deadbi can’t live on this stage my age is 23.if you have any solution please help me after than i gona to suside my self.

If your “dry clean only” clothes got contaminated, you can bring those to the cleaners to steam dry wash them. That kills the scabies eggs and mites. From the cleaners, do not wear them again, until your body gets 100% ridden of scabies. Switch to using cotton clothing (underwear, bra, shirt, dress, etc.) in that way these can be washed in hot cycle and very hot dryer. You can wear these safely close to your skin. Join a gym with warm whirlpool jet pump. Soak for 45 minutes (or longer) everyday. This will flush out the mite eggs from your skin.

i found this thing called all stop for scabies i havent tried it yet but im gonna order it my mom feels like killing her self too i just recently caught this on my winter break:/ god bless you hope we get cured!


I am so sorry for your condition. Please let us know what you’ve already tried.


I thought I had scabies on my penis, but it turned out to be severely dry skin. While this was a major relief, it still hurt and itched like hell. I started using a penis health creme per my doc’s suggestion and everything went away pretty quickly. I still use the creme actually because it keeps my skin down there nice and smooth…. my girlfriend loves it. Keep these cremes in mind guys.

I have been fighting facial outbreaks for about 8 yrs now. After many docs (dermatologists too) and lots of $ spent with no solution, my arm and face finally presented with a new pattern. They now look like linear raised burrows. My doc prescribed permethrin 5 percent cream and Ivermectin oral tabs. I have used this treatment 4x now and things are starting to clear up a little. When I thought back to when I first started suffering from this horrible skin condition, I realized it was shortly after I returned from New Orleans 9th Ward one year after after hurricane Katrina. I was there for one week as a volunteer with my church. We gutted houses and I did a lot of broom sweeping to clean up dried mud and dirt and there was visible mold on the wood we gutted. I’m wondering if this is where I contracted scabies. I’ve read that many people have scabies that worked and lived there. Is this possible? If so, no wonder I have had terrible insomnia and intense itching among many more devastating symptoms. What type of doc could help me most, infectious disease doc, a parasitologist, or another specialist? I’ve practically been a recluse because the sores are so unsightly and embarrasing. Please advise, I don’t want to live like this anymore.

This is exact ally how I feel about myself with this problem, I’ve been hiding it for so long and now it’s getting on my hands and face where I can’t hide it and I avoid people, I used to be outgoing and have friends but I’m alone now picking the eggs out with tweezers and nail clippers I’ve bled lots, but everytime I pick out many eggs within one sore all the time, I’ve destroyed my body and soul. I used to bd happy but not any more. I look horrible I stay in my room picking picking picking all the time. I need help to take this scabie crap away sooooo bad, I want my life back

I saw several MDs including a dermatologist regarding my skin condition that was diagnosed as idiopathic dermatitis until it was finally diagnosed as scabies. I used very expensive $37 permethrin with no results. I then tried salt/borax bath, tea tree oil/olive oil but it made my skin sting worse than the itch…finally I am using sulfur soap in the shower followed by a sulfur ointment


This is certainly not the re-payment you deserve for your kindness!

Perhaps consider a second opinion from another dermatologist. Or call your local health department and ask them who they recommend in your area.

So sorry you’re going through this!

Mom, Co-founder, not a doctor

I have baby kittens of 6weeks old that i have rescued they and all the family have scabbies o need for the cat some type of med i read on sulfure creams for them. Which one do you reccomend. I rescued 6 from getting eatten by ants and gave the others away to people who needed kittens, i kept 2 and they got me infected,i want to save them and keep them. Need to do it before its too late.


For scabies ,you can try out Durvet Nu-Stock Ointment, 12-Ounce (actualys its for animal but people use it and they are cured with scabies).It containsm 73% sulphar, and other substance.


i need some help with my son he’s only 2 had scabies everything the Dr. give me didn’t work at all.

I was told to clean house super clean !thow away or move away clutter ,use foggers in the house first ,then use doctors meds,im not throwing away my 2 recued cats Salt &Pepper are theyre names,they are my main concern to heal for now!

Plz help me i am falling scabies from last 5 years i used many mediicine and tblts but its no working::::plzzz telll me de name of medicine which can effect fast plzz help me

I have been suffering for a year & six months now. I have used about 50 bottles of permithine lotion to no avail, spent thousands of $$$ I’m not kidding. I am contemplating taking that horse past that people are using online, but I’m terrified to try it because it says right on the tube, not for human consumption. They do not prescribe ivermectin in Canada. Could someone give me the name of a doctor in the United States that I can travel to see that will help me with this? Desperate in Canada, willing to travel wherever I have to go!

HI! i just had this crappy scabies and my very good brother brought me this (we both have it). This is very wrong timing and i hate it a lot especially i’m a college student and trying to apply for a part time job.
Now, I’m using Dr. Kaufmann (a sulfur soap), sulfur ointment and Permethrin Lindell Lotion.
Are these enough to kill those evil mites and their eggs?
I think my scalp is infected too? what should i do?
Should i also use anti-scabies for dogs to my body?
I’m sorry but i’m very desperate to be fully cured ncluding my brother. We badly need help and guide.

My sister, her 4 children and mom now have scabies. They’ve had it for more than 6 months. They only have medicaid and the dr has now told them that he can no longer prescribe them medication because they should have healed by now. I’m in desperate search of help to buy something over the counter to help them all. Does dr scabies really work? It’s a lot of money for the whole family package. Please help

Sir, my one year and six month old baby(son) has scabies. After getting medicine he was fine, but after some time (or when we moved one place to another) the problem once again persist. Please recommend a medicine or tube for baby.

He is also having some stomach problem. I mean after some days he meet to loos motion again and again.

I have also taken him to skin doctor. After getting medicine he become fine, but not for always.

Also suggest some important vaccination required.

Is there any ointment I can buy from Walmart or something bc my husband has scabies…

What about a natural product like Dr. Scabies I saw it on the web. Do you think that will work? I have no money to go to the doctor. Please help !!

I am writing this on the basis of my personal experience, I was suffering from scabies from almost 2 months on per prescription of my dermatologist I had used Permethrin, Lindane and other natural products like Sulfur, Neem oil and Turmeric etc. But nothing worked. I changed Dermatologist and her prescription I have had used Dr. Scabies, You will not believe that worked amazingly. I had recovered from scabies within 10-12 days. Though I was taking lot of precautions like bathing and washing in hot water, eating natural vegetables and fruits etc and was keeping my cloths and bedding separate. It helped me a lot.

First of all, please do not panic. Scabies is
a very common skin infection and is often seen in young children. You need to
handle this calmly in order to not panic you child and make the situation
worse. Inform your child’s teacher, so that the school authorities know that
scabies might be present in their premises. Secondly, get ready with a plan to handle
the itching when it will happen most aggressively in the night. Keep aloe versa
gel, tea tree oil or any other such soothing product handy. Call your doctor
and tell him your fear Scabies.