My son is 3 months old and will not sleep much. He seems to be tired all the time, but won't sleep. He will sleep a total of nine hours a day and that's about it. He is hungry all the time and I am wondering if maybe he is not sleeping because he is not getting filled up.

Dr. Greene`s Answer:

The average amount of sleep at 3 months is 15 hours out of 24 give or take an hour or two. This may come in almost any combination of naps or nighttime. But when kids sleep less than about 12 hours out of 24, it is important to determine why.

It could be related to nutrition, but it also could be a variety of other things: an ear infection that hurts when he lies down, a food intolerance, a cow’s milk allergy (up to 20 percent of those intolerant to milk are also intolerant to soy), even a hernia. Sometimes, too much thyroid hormone can keep kids awake. Either way, this is a good reason for a visit with your pediatrician.


Last medical review on: October 28, 2008
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