My daughter has calcium oxalate crystals in her urine? What should I do?


My daughter had a few calcium oxalate crystals in her urine sample. What does that mean and what should we do? The doctor said her urine was dark yellow, hazy and concentrated. She hadn’t been drinking much before the sample. Could this have caused calcium oxalate crystals to form?

Dr. Greene's Answer

If your daughter was dehydrated at the time of the test, this could have caused the calcium oxalate crystals – but if they are found again it’s worth paying a bit of attention,, because kids who have ongoing high levels of oxalate in the urine are more likely to develop kidney stones later on in life.

Oxalate is found in many foods, and oxalate levels in the urine can often be decreased by changes in the diet. Your daughter may not need to do any of these things, but I’m including them here for reference.

1) Increase fluids. Pretty much any fluid helps, with the exception of grapefruit juice, which doesn’t seem to help and may even raise the risk of stones. And because your daughter hadn’t been drinking much at the time of her urine test, staying well hydrated may be important for her.

2) Avoid high animal protein diets. Animal protein as part of a balanced diet is fine, but a diet that focuses on large amounts animal protein can increase oxalate.

3) Increase (most) fruits and vegetables in the diet. This decreases oxalate in the urine, probably from the extra potassium and citrate, among other things.

4) Decrease high oxalate foods. Spinach and rhubarb are the classics, but some nuts and legumes are also pretty high.(Check Harvard’s spreadsheets with the oxalate concentration of foods for a detailed list. Many of these are healthy foods, so I wouldn’t even think about decreasing them unless someone is having a problem. If it were ever an issue, there are low-oxalate alternatives to all of the high-oxalate foods (like choosing chicken noodle soup instead of lentil soup, or oatmeal instead of Cream of Wheat).

5) Limit added sodium in processed foods.

6) Limit added sugar and high fructose corn syrup in foods.

7) Encourage foods that contain calcium.

8) Avoid calcium supplements and high-dose vitamin C supplements.

Again, someone with oxalate crystals may not need to do any of these things in the short run. They may never have this result again. But either way, increasing fluids, fruits and vegetables, and calcium-rich foods and also decreasing added sodium, sucrose, and high fructose corn syrup are good for all of us (and each also happens to reduce oxalate levels and/or stone risk).

Published on: December 10, 2014
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This is the most dangerous advice I have ever heard. One should avoid vegetables that contain oxalates, that is almost all of them. Nuts should also be avoided, as they are high in oxalates, as is black tea, and many other items that we eat on a regular basis. There is nothing wrong with meat, and no foundation for the advice to avoid it.

what does it mean crystals : ca- oxalate (few) in test .

HOW can meat that does NOT contain oxalates increase oxalates??

The only people that claim this are regular doctors. Otherwise, others I have talked to and read articles state that meat does NOT increase oxalates.

Calcium oxalate crystals have a higher tendency to form in urine the more acidic it is. A diet high in meat keeps urine acidic. A diet rich in citrus fruits, most vegetables, and legumes will keep urine alkaline.

sir, what would you advice for a patient of 46years who has just been told through a test that his urine has protein (+) and calcium oxalate crystal (++). ofloxacin was prescribed to the patient for 10days. need your advice sir

My cal-oxilate range 6-8when I urine test my age is 36 more Time urine throughout .need your advice

sir, what would you advice for a patient of 46years who has just be told through a test that his urine has protein (+) and calcium oxalate crystal (++). ofloxacin was prescribed to the patient for 10days. need your advice sir

hi am ulcer patient taking medication regular last month I went test due to penal pain and it detected that I have calcium oxalate 3+ ,an they say is nothing but at pharmacy near by I was giving doxycycline and euroclok wish for five day wish make we weak I need help on what to do.

Sir, from last five years there is presence of calcium oxilates in the urine ,I consulted the doctors but they said it is nothing ….what I should to do because particularly during morning time the colour of urine remains deep yellow which puts me in depression.

Dear dr HI,Iam 31 years old man I have both kidney ston in right kidney there are 7mm two ston and left kidney have many stone and one is 8mm concretion now I canot eat meat,eags, been,milk what can i do to do dear please help in lab Examination there are no problms and U/S EXAMINATION SHOW THIS

Dear Sir,
Good day,
Sir my son is 4 year old and he has both side kidney stones , right side was 13 mm which i have taken to Pakistan, Northwest hospital for operation in December-18 and then after operation they sent the stone to Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi Pakistan, i have the report the stone was made from:

  1. CA Oxalate Mono hydrate 30 %
  2. CA Oxalate Di hydrate – 50 %
  3. STRUVITE – 20 %

And now the left side kidney which is 11 mm stone. I am going to take him again very soon to the same Hospital for operation.

Please advice me what should I do in the future (Food can eat and which cannot eat)?

I tested my urine in a lab.its shaw the result calcioum clurofied ++ and i suffer stomach pains…with due respect i want to know these reason

my urine test always show present of RBC and white blood cell…and also i have always problem with voiding immediate after having liquid like water, juice ,tea anything…wht does it mean….

Dear sir,

Good afternoon,

Sir recently im having blood test and as per report my calcium oxalate crystals is present 2+. So, can you advise me about it properly and what should i eat daily to reduce it and what should not eat.

I’m 25 year old my urine full report shows that I’m having calcium oxalate crystals ++ in my urine can you please tell me what abnormality do I have…

What are two condition that can cause that can cause calcium oxilate crystals & uric acid crystal to be present in urine

thank u Dr for ur helpful advice.

Hello sir, I have a continuous problem of knee pain also my knees sounds when I walk or do any movement and also I found calcium oxalate crystal in my urine test continuously .Is my knee pain is related to this calcium oxalate in urine?

Dear Sir,

I am 27 years old, and got to know calcium oxalate present in Urine.
What should i need to do?
Is anything serious?


Hello Visa,

Thanks for writing in.

I know it must be daunting to think about all the foods you can’t eat. Thankfully, Harvard has some great resources for you to download that outline what you can eat. Check it out!

I hope that helps.
Best, @MsGreene
Note: I am the co-founder of, but I am not Dr. Greene and I am not a doctor. Please keep that in mind when reading my comments and replies.

Dear Sir,

I have calcium oxalate crystals in my urine routine examine tests, but i havn’t felt any pain or some other problem which could indicate kidney stones. Any suggestion please?

My daughter has suffered in liver disease,mean her ALT is 2270 i am so worried about her.please give suggestion and what should i give her in diet and what should not.i m waiting for your reply…

How olld is she?
Did you make viral A hepatitis Antibodies?
Did you measure bilirubin level?

I recently gone through gastric bypass surgery.after 2 months I continually have burning sensation at my genital .my urine test shows CA oxalate present . what does it means

I have a 50 yo female who is NPO receiving tube feed formula and protein supplement . Multiple medical conditions including recurrent severe UTI’s. Last two urinalysis show oxalate crystals. She receives no Vitamin C supplementation and is on fluid restriction for CNS instability. Urine specific gravity 1.019. Your input is greatly appreciated

Hello doctor
My daughter’ age is just 1 year 5 months. And she had kidney stone with more oxalate. And she had been operated to remove stone. I just want to know that is there any risk in her future please reply

Hello Doc,
I recently did a urine test and the result says I have scanty calcium oxalate,please tell me what to do?In my red cell test my RDW is 11% and in my white cell my Neutrophils is 1.67%,please advice me on what to do.


As Dr. Greene says, “someone with oxalate crystals may not need to do any of these things in the short run. They may never have this result again. But either way, increasing fluids, fruits and vegetables, and calcium-rich foods and also decreasing added sodium, sucrose, and high fructose corn syrup are good for all of us (and each also happens to reduce oxalate levels and/or stone risk).”


Hi Dr.
How are you.Dr.reacently in my urine test,find traces of calcium oxlate.Can I have Quinoa salad with white gram.Please advice me.

Hi dr..hw are u? Today I took my urine report and has shown ‘++ calcium oxalates’.is this for way to kidney stone..??i already had kidney stone and get treatment it aging ??

Pls I just developed a flank pain on the left side of my lower rib to the hip region radiating mildly to the back. I also discover this strong odour from within me.


Do you have access to medial care? If so, it would be great to have this checked out.

So sorry you’re in pain.


Dear Dr. my 5yrs old daughter had a problem : when she passes urine just after she feels to pass urine again. so i did a UFR test. it shows EPI CELLS: plus and CRYSTALS: calcium oxalate – few. when she did this test She was taking antibiotics ( amoxicilin trihydrate * potassium clavulanate ) for svere cough. i want to know does antibiotics causes for this result or do i need to consult a doctor or need to do same test after taking antibiotics.

Dr does having gout have anything to do with the calcium oxalaye crytals in the urin?? I also have nitrite in the urine and Dax with gout

Dear sir
I’m suffering from UTI n urgency with urine burning and have to rush to wash room every 30 minutes. My lab reports are clear my CT scan ultrasound reports are all clear doctors have put me on antibiotic injections for three months but no vain can u please advise some remedy

Drink lemon tea and grapes it will sort ur problem in sha allah
Dnt eat spices and use chia seeds take 2to 3 pinches of chia seed.put in glass of water in night drink early morning.till u cant satisfied

Might be worth checking with your doctor if you have painful bladder syndrome ,ic is another name for this.symtoms sound the same!!

I been having a lot of UTI infections in my life but this last one I had was worst I ever had I’ve been having very bad cramps it starts deep down in my bladder and feels like it’s in my ovaries right at my right pelvic side in the middle of my stomach to I’ve been screaming in so much pain I finished all my antibiotics also and it still killing me. I also been having these weird gasey feeling in my stomach and in my ovaries I haven’t started period for 6 yrs but then one day out of no we’re I started my doctor told that wasn’t good that could have cancer that scared the beck at of me the did all this painful test on me and only found a cyst in my right ovary does that ever go away can that be causing that pain my ovaries I don’t know to do I can’t stand this pain anymore. Please help. Thank you And I’m 48 yrs old.

I hope your problem has been resolved by now. I just stumbled upon this site and found your message. If not, go to a Gynecologist. Ovarian Cysts should be removed and you will feel much better! I hope that nothing else more serious is wrong.

I had one at age 18, my teens were not fun.



Pain doesn’t go away after you’ve finished the medicine your doctor prescribes, it’s smart (and appropriate) to let your doctor know the treatment did not work. If your doctor doesn’t have additional treatment or if you don’t think your doctor is taking your concerns seriously, it’s time for a second opinion.

You should not be in this much pain!


My urine sample in d last four years indicated calcium oxalate crystals, do i need to retest after 4 years now?

my urine test result is Ca++ oxalate few .how to decrease or to tell me the cose and which drugs is good for decrease this results???

Plenty of ca oxalate in urine routine check up. What does it mean? What treatment, please!

I have found calcium oxalates 4,6 in my urine report and having fever.pus cells are 4,6.cold it be cause of fever and chillness.My age is 45

Sir, my mother is 45 and just had her urine test done showing the present of calcium oxalate +++, epith. cells + and WBC 0-1 .Does that means she having kidney stone?

I had a urine test n i had calcium oxalate +++ , what does it mean? I am 44 years old and breast cancer servivor

sir please help me out,
I am suffering with dark urine since 4 years and a year back i am reduced 10 kg s .
at that time I am in a strict diet plan like not having rice and bread for 45 days (only green teat ayurvedic slim tea) and after that I went for so many doctors keep on diagnosing but they are suggesting me only to drink much water.
few months back one doctor said that Iam infected with ecoli and i have given a course of urifast and fabrocam for infection even after that i am urinating dark yellow
please help me what is the problem

I have just done my urine test in that the (oxalate crystals were +1 ) & yeasts cells were also +1 so what would be that…. and also in my urine (proteins is present +1) what should i do…

I went for a text and the doctor told me that I have Cal oxalate and drink more than 2liters of water every day. So what should I do?

i also have +2 calcium oxalate in my urine but my ultrasound reports showed no stones. what does it means

My 12 days old son is doing urine with slight blood in it, sometimes urine is clean sometimes bloody. after urine D/R calcium oxalate is found ++++ (numerous) and Leukocytes : 2 -4 /hpf
He is totally on mother feed right now. his weight is 2.66 kg and height is 48 cm..

Hello sir,
I had my urine micro test.
Does I have a kidney stone or other problem.
My test results are as below:

Sample – Random

Qty. – 20ml

Transparency- S.Turbid

Reaction- acidic

Albumin – present (trace) :~10mg/DL

Sugar : nil

Acetone, bile salt, bile pigment : Absent

Pus cells : 2-3/hpf

RBC : 1-2/hpf

Epithelial cells: 1-2/hpf

Crystal : CA-OXALATE (8-10)/hpf

Amorphous phosphate, Cast, Bacteria: Absent

Please help me what to do?

Please I am having kidney stones on the both kidneys for 2 years now I have been on water therapy. I did urinalysis test, from the microscopic report, I have good (++), RBC (numerous), HPF Epith Cells (++), Crystals (Calcium Oxalate +++). Please will I do to get rid of the stones and crystals

I had calcium oxalate +++in my urine test what does it mean?

My urine test says that I have numerous calcium oxalate. Does that mean I have kidney stones?

Dear Aishath,
Its not complete urine test,pls provide complete report of yr urine microscopic examination,chemical examination.

no its doest mean that may be some urinary tract infection

dear sir i have kidney problem from last five months. my right kidney is normal but left kidney have 10 stones ranging in size from 3.00 mm to 7.00 mm. Doctors suggest laser operation but i refused because all are in cluster form.
please guide me i am from pakistan

My mother, aged 46″did a urine test and the results shows calcium oxalate and traces of protein in the urine. Please I want an explanation about that

Dear isaac Narth,
Your mother age :46yrs old,
so,first tell them go for water daily near to 1-2 ltr.There are many reason for cal.oxalates in urine .so u have to disclose complete report.

Hi, I just received my result of urinalysis and it says calcium oxalate (many) and I was advised by my doctor to have my urinalysis repeated. I have done urinalysis wherein the sample of urine that was submitted to the lab was the first urine in the morning and all the values were normal and It doesn’t show any calcium oxalates or any abnormal values. Does that mean I’m free from the kidney stones or such?

My son 3 years of age has the same problem with spilling calcium in his urine. The doctor performed a 24 hr urine which confirmed this. He was put on a diurectic twice a day. I am also going to limit his processed food intake to lower the sodium. Another follow up with nephrologist in 6 weeks. I am going to keep praying for the best.

I had went for doctor for check up, because I had my side pain and the testis lower side of right ball, my ball right side is bigger than the left side . I had a heavy pain but doctor told me to do test . I have done urine and some xray . result is I found cal-oxalate . but I use to drink plenty of water wat should do now .
please reply because I don’t get answer I don’t believe any one

Am having the same issue, but not feeling pain. Left is larger than right.

I had went for doctor for check up, because I had my side pain and the testis lower side of right ball, my ball right side is bigger than the left side . I had a heavy pain but doctor told me to do test . I have done urine and some xray . result is I found cal-oxalate . but I use to drink plenty of water wat should do now .
please reply because I don’t get answer I don’t believe any one

Our son is 9 years old. His urine test shows he has calcium oxalate. What I do?

pls go for water daily 1-2 ltrs & stay away from intake too much vitamin c in yr diet.

Do vitamin c & cranberry supplements lead to high calcium oxalate crystals in urine? Also, you asked to increase calcium in food isn’t that contradictory?

My daughter does not drink that much water and had calcium crystals in urine in test and she looks weak also. I am very much worried about her as she is being so lazy also .Is there any other test require? Pls help me.

what are two condition that can cause calicum oxalate to be present in urine

1) eating foods high in oxalates; (2) eliminating too many foods with oxalate, thereby creating a too-low oxalate level in your bloodstream. This causes the body to produce its own oxalate which then causes the pain issue.