Body Hair

I have a question about my 3-month-old. She seems to have facial hair (forehead and upper lip) and back hair. Is this unusual for infants and will it subside?

Body Hair

Dr. Greene’s Answer:

It is pretty common for young babies to have soft, thin hair on their faces and backs, called lanugo, that disappears during the first year. It is most common in kids who are born early or who have a darker complexion, but can be seen in any baby.

There is a different type of hair called terminal or adult hair that sometimes shows up in babies. It is coarse and thick, like beard hair. That should be checked by a pediatric dermatologist. In addition, a patch of thick hair on the sacrum (lower back) of a newborn should be checked by a pediatrician.

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  1. shashwat

    I have a question about my 9 month old baby.he has facial hair on forehead and upper lip any cream or medicine to remove it.plz help me


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