Pleconaril — Cure For the Common Cold?

There is a lot of buzz about pleconaril, a new drug that makes a runny nose completely clear up a day sooner than usual and begins to ease the symptoms within a day. But we don’t have to wait while the FDA determines whether this drug is truly safe and effective — you can get a similar reduction of days with cold symptoms with simple, safe preventative steps.

Most kids get 6-8 colds per year; adults average half that many. A daily dose of probiotics (such as active culture yogurt), good nutrition (eat your fruits and vegetables!), a multivitamin (with zinc), good sleep (easier said than done), and frequent hand washing (better yet, with a waterless sanitizing gel) can prevent enough colds in your family to give you as many or more cold-symptom-free days as you could get with the prescription alone — and without a trip to the doctor!


Published on: December 21, 2001
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