Ticking Time Bomb: Alternative Pest Control Products for Pets

Ticking Time Bomb: Alternative Pest Control Products for PetsAs the temperature heats up, flea and tick season goes into full force. Pet owners go to great lengths to be sure their pets are free of pests, but many are looking for alternatives to the traditional pest control products offered on the market.

Preventing flea infestations before they begin is the first step in controlling a flea or tick problem. The warmer the weather, the more these insects flourish. However, flea and tick prevention should be done year-round to maximize effectiveness.

Several major manufacturers have brought natural flea and tick spot treatments to the marketplace. For example, Sentry offers a Natural Defense line that contains a mix of natural botanicals to keep pets free of pests while not exposing them to chemicals. This line includes peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, lemon grass oil, and thyme.

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Some consumers choose to treat the environment as well as treating their pets. Fleabusters powder is an alternative to pesticides and foggers because it kills fleas physically not chemically. The powder, which has been on the market for 20 years, is applied in and around the home and is guaranteed to get rid of fleas for a year.

Food additives and garlic tablets can also be another healthful alternative to pesticidally treating flea and tick problems. All-natural shampoo treatments are also plentiful on store shelves and are a great alternative to harsh chemical de-flea products.

Spray-on products can be helpful additions if you’re headed out for a walk in the woods and you want to provide an extra layer of protection to your pup before you hit the trail. These products are only effective for a limited time and don’t offer long-term treatment. They should be used in conjunction with other products.


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