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April 8, 1965- Pablo Picasso once said, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain one when they grow up.” I watch Zadie and Fuller create fantastic drawings of butterflies, robots, and even their own inventions and hope this creative expression continues for the rest of their lives. My goal is to help make this happen.

The foundation of play starts with creativity. Creative play develops imagination and this shouldn’t stop as we get older. Artistic expression is open-ended fun and allows children to explore on their terms as there are no right or wrong answers with art. Introducing crayons, pencils, scissors, and tape are not only fun but also essential for fine motor skill development. The act of creating art is far more important than the final product, although there is nothing better than your child’s art!

The “Artist” loves to draw especially animals. The “Artist” loves to collect special things they find along the way. These items can be used for their art or may serve as the inspiration. When your child becomes the “Artist” it’s essential their tools are accessible. It’s our job to ensure easy access to a full arsenal of creative supplies.

When selecting toys (tools) for the ARTIST look for art kits, stencils, and plenty of paper. These supplies offer open-ended play and stencils allow kids to learn shapes and draw animals at a young age. This type of art also helps sharpen their storytelling. Encourage the “Artist” to draw their favorite animals and find stencils that allow them to trace and color. Try not to rely on coloring books as art projects as the art is already predetermined. Stencils allow for composition, coloring books already tell the story (that isn’t that fun!)

Tips for the “Artist”

  • Look for toys and artistic tools that offer an open-ended experience
  • Look for recycled paper sources for drawing. If you cannot locate recycled paper, please look for paper solutions that are FSC certified.
  • Create an art cabinet – where kids are free to access art supplies on demand.
  • Crayons, pencils, paper, and tape make a great gift anytime.
  • Be excited about every piece of art your children create.
  • Take your kids to the local art museum.


Project: Numbers / Letter Art

What you will need: 1. Paper or poster board 2. Colored pencils or crayons 3. Scissors 4. Tape or magnets to hang the art.

Setup up the paper/drawing board and lay out the pencils or crayons. Parents – start by drawing a chosen number or letter in block lettering on the page (try 1 to 10 or the letters of their name). Let the child decorate, design, and color the number or letter any way they want. Have the child cut out the letter/number and post it to the wall or refrigerator.

See if they can do the whole alphabet as 26 distinct pieces of art. This creative activity reinforces letters or numbers and looks great on the walls too!

Tomorrow I will introduce you to the Writer…

Published on: July 03, 2012
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Benjamin Barlowe was an early 20th century inventor from Fort Collins, Colorado. His workshop archives, writings, ideas, and inventions serve as the inspiration for BeginAgain.

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