Silly Rabbits, it’s for Kids

My son was about six when I got off of sugar and wheat. I saw how great it was for me, so I thought, “What if I could do the same for him?” But how do you tell a six year old: No more sugar? So I used Craig’s suggestion. I told my son, “We’re going to try to not have any sugar and wheat for one week and see if your allergies improve.” He wasn’t thrilled, but I said, “It’s only for one week.” He didn’t argue with that.

My son’s allergies are not bad. He rarely needs an inhaler, but he takes an allergy pill daily. The symptoms usually surface when he gets a cold and it goes into his lungs. Then he needs the inhaler, antibiotics, or maybe a trip to the doctor for an extra-strong inhaler treatment. Once he had to go to the ER for this treatment. That was scary. No parent should have to worry like that. So what if getting him off of sugar meant that wouldn’t happen anymore? I had to try and see.

I had to look at the ingredients in everything my son ate. I was already doing this for me, but there’s so much sugar in the things kids eat. And then finding food that didn’t have wheat or gluten too? Most products have one or the other. It meant I cooked a lot more, which was fine because I like cooking. We also upped his intake of veggies. Luckily he likes eating carrots and celery as snacks. It requires a lot of planning, but eventually becomes second nature.

After a week, my son got a cold. Probably his body’s way of detoxing. But this was the first cold in six years that went away on its own and didn’t turn into a visit to the doctor’s along with antibiotics or extra inhaler treatments. I was amazed. When I told him what happened, excitedly he said, “Mom, I hate antibiotics!” He was so happy that being off of sugar and wheat meant no antibiotics and no meds, he was ready to be a partner in giving up sugar. I didn’t have to make him. He wanted to live this healthier lifestyle too.

After the first week, I let him have gluten and sugar on weekends. I figured, he’s not allergic to them, he should be able to have them in moderation, because it doesn’t cause any problems for him. I figured a kid needs to be able to enjoy “normal” foods at times and not feel like they’re missing out. Since we’ve changed to this diet, every cold he’s had hasn’t turned into anything serious where antibiotics or extra inhaler treatments were needed. And minimizing his wheat intake has helped his stomach immensely. Whenever he goes overboard, like on vacations, he regrets it because he gets a bad stomachache or needs the inhaler.

As for me, it had been over a year and I was still med-free. At my check-up, my pulmonary doctor was almost in shock when I toId him I didn’t need meds anymore and I was back to my active lifestyle. So after all I went through, you’d think I’d learned my lesson with the fertilizer. You’d think…!

Published on: August 04, 2011
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Denise and her longtime friend Christine Schuchart, an editor for many high-profile magazines and former online editor at the J. Paul Getty Museum, are currently putting their love for natural health to work by creating a website for busy parents who are trying to find simple ways to get their kids to live and eat healthier.

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