Retailers Taking Action to Protect your Family from Toxic Chemicals

protect your family from toxic chemicals

For many of us, we feel the frustration of trying to find safe, non-toxic products while we’re standing in the aisle of a major retail chain.

Looking up and down the aisle, I will turn over a laundry detergent bottle, lotion, or children’s toy looking for answers as to if it may be safe. I’ll admit, I have been known to frequently smell plastic products in the store that I suspect are made out of vinyl.

But for most products, there is no requirement to list or disclose which chemicals are in the product, let alone their potential effects on human health.

That problem, in part, is why we launched a campaign called Mind the Store last April. Many of the people we talked to everyday would ask, “Why aren’t retailers doing more to make sure the products they sell are safe?”

It’s a good question.

Mind the Store is a campaign led by Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families to work with the nation’s top ten retailers to clean up toxic chemicals in their store aisles. In the short nine months that we’ve been running this campaign, retailers have started to respond, listen and engage.

Target and Walmart have both announced company policies that start to take on the issue of toxic chemicals. Each company has taken a different approach, and although somewhat small in the grand scheme of the problem, a big step for retailer leadership.

In addition, we’ve been talking to many of the retailers behind the scenes on developing plans of action on toxic chemicals that makes the most sense for the products they sell.

Our campaign started an activity everyone can take part in; we’re calling them Retailer Rendezvous. Next time you’re at a major retailer, take a minute to let the store manager know how important you think it is that they start taking action to protect their consumers from toxic chemicals.

We’ve made a simple and straightforward toolkit including sample messages to share with the store manager next time you’re making a trip to the store. These conversations, in addition to tens of thousands of emails from people like you, have made a huge difference.

Some retailers are talking turkey, but need to be pushed to take this issue seriously.

Send an email to the nation’s top ten retailers today and let them know you want retailer leadership on protecting your family’s health from toxic chemicals.

Lindsay Dahl

Lindsay Dahl is the Deputy Director of Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families – a national coalition working to put common sense limits on toxic chemicals to protect public health from the unnecessary exposure. Dahl is a grassroots organizer, blogger, and coalition builder.

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