Out of Control

Out of Control

There are 85,000 chemicals in use today in the U.S. Seven new ones are approved every day. Less than 10% have been tested for long-term effects on grown adults, let alone on the most vulnerable – developing children. The chemical industry is out of control.  They may not be testing on animals, but they are testing on us and on our children.

Prior to having children, I considered myself an activist. But nothing prepared me for the type of activism that parenthood necessitates. Luckily for me, my daughters are growing up at a time when parents are using their political power to demand adherence to that old adage, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,’ (known in the environmental health community as the precautionary principle.) In California, we see this political muscle flexed with the passage of a bill that bans bisphenol A in baby products. Beyond politics, we see the standard shifting as celebrity moms set the trend for green nurseries and baby gear. Mothers across the country increasingly vote with their dollars at the checkout line, selecting eco-friendly options of the basic necessities.

Are there organizations that you are involved with that address these issues or keep you informed?

Are there eco-brands or websites that you recommend?

Kristi Chester Vance

Kristi Chester Vance is the director of communications for ForestEthics, an organization that is working to protect our environment and fight global warming by transforming the environmental practices of corporations.

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