The Last Supper

During winter 2010, my friend Debbie, an acupuncturist, kept bugging me about going to some macrobiotic dinner at her house. All I could think was “macro what”? The only thing I knew about macrobiotics was that a lot of celebrities who seemed uberhealthy were believers. And yes, being healthy was a big interest of mine. But come on, I didn’t want to be extreme. I already ate organic food and whole grains and stayed away from GMOs. What else did I need to do? But Debbie insisted.

I showed up a little late while Craig the nutritionist was already midtalk about foods in season, blah blah. I tried to be inconspicuous, but that wasn’t easy as I had a lingering cough due to the recent onset of asthma. My lungs were weak and the cold I had just stayed in my chest.

I sat and listened as Craig gave amazing health information while whipping up vegetable and fruit smoothies with things I never thought of drinking: kale, radishes, beets, raw eggs! At first I tasted a few and thought, “It’s not horrible, but I’m not loving it.” But by the end of the night, I was loving them all!

Now I’ve always been a low blood sugar person. So I need to eat round the clock or look out! I’d been invited to a “dinner” and it was 9:00 p.m., and all we’ve had is veggie this or fruit that. But you know what? I wasn’t hungry! Turns out eating this kind of dense fiber was filling me up better than anything I’d been eating up until then. And it was delicious! Craig made a beet kavas drink that he promised helped with a range of health issues. I had never been a beet person before, but it was good!

Craig made everything from scratch–like raw crackers, fresh pesto made with arugula or parsley instead of basil, homemade hummus with flax oil, and a veggie dish topped with mochi. That was the best vegetable dish I’ve ever eaten! I didn’t understand how eating healthy could be so wonderful! And if that wasn’t enough to sell me on this kind of lifestyle, by the end of the night my cough was completely gone! The cough I walked in with, that I had for many weeks, was gone from one night of eating this way.

What Craig really stressed was the need to eliminate all sugar from our diets. Fruit is allowed, but he claims other types of sugar are toxic and cause a lot of health problems. Me? Off sugar? I’ve always loved my desserts! I watch my calories and work out regularly so I’m thin, but desserts are my reward! But after seeing how one night of eating this way could help, what other choice did I have? I was determined to get off of the four asthma meds I was on. So I was going to listen to this man who introduced me to macrobiotics. I was scared but determined. I had to give this a try.

Published on: August 02, 2011
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Denise and her longtime friend Christine Schuchart, an editor for many high-profile magazines and former online editor at the J. Paul Getty Museum, are currently putting their love for natural health to work by creating a website for busy parents who are trying to find simple ways to get their kids to live and eat healthier.

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