Green Your Halloween – Fall Fragrances

I enjoy the unique smells associated with fall – the brisk air, the smell of apples and apple cider, pumpkin pies baking, and, of couse, maybe a candy apple or two. However, anyone that knows me knows that I DESPISE the artificial nasty smell of those fake cinnamon brooms that come out in September and somehow linger until January. And there’s good reason.

Artificial fragrances contain LOTS of chemicals – especially phthalates. Some phthalates are suspected of messing with your hormones, just like BPA. That’s the long term scary stuff. The short term misery comes in smelling those nasty fake fragrances that smell like a $2 bottle of cologne. Seriously, people. I boycott stores that carry these things because I will not be sick. These smells linger and contaminate the entire indoor air of a store, so in my region of the world, Publix, JoAnns, Michaels, Home Depot and many others just don’t get my business. I’ve talked to store managers and suggest you do, too, because it’s not fair for everyone to have to be exposed to these nasty products that contaminate the very air you breathe while trying to give a store your hard earned money. Tell a manager that you’re not shopping there until you can breathe easier.

So, now that I’m off my rampage, how can you enjoy the distinct smells of fall without all of the chemical inhaling? Simply use all natural products!

  • Bake a pumpkin pie to get that pumpkin pie smell – it’s yummy and so much healthier (pumpkin is packed with vitamins, by the way!)
  • Bake an apple pie (or just put a piece on a low reheat in the oven to get that smell without the work)
  • Simmer some cinnamon in a small pot with some water. Add cloves and other herbs and spices if you’d like.
  • Use candles made ONLY with essential oils and plant derived ingredients – not WITH essential oils – which pretty much means nothing, since you don’t know the percentage in the ingredients.
  • Use an all natural air freshener – like this one from Aura Cacia that is rich with cloves and spices.

The ideas are simple and all are essentially the same. To get the amazing smells of nature, actually use natural products! When you stop trying to hurry through life by finding an artificial alternative that can be quickly sprayed, you get the amazing pleasure of being able to appreciate God’s creation and actually stop and enjoy it for what it is.

Published on: October 29, 2010
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Kimberly Button is the creator of Get Green Be Well, and is a green living enthusiast, journalist and founder of greenWell, an eco-wellness consulting company in Orlando, FL.

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