Great resources for safe eats

Great resources for safe eats

It has been five years since my son’s diagnosis of food allergies. During that time I have discovered a number of wonderful resources to make managing food allergies easier. Many of these products have been inspired by families like mine who developed something that worked for them and they wanted to share their product to help others. Below are a few great products. Please visit for more fabulous resources.

Peanut Free Planet – An on-line store carrying over 200 fabulous nut free items. Free shipping on orders over $100.00

CherryBrook Kitchen – The sweet solution for food allergies. Great cake mixes, frosting, cookies and more. ( Everyone LOVES the white cake when I make it!)

Vermont Nut Free – Delicious gourmet chocolates guaranteed safe for those with any nut or peanut allergy. (This was the first year my kids enjoyed a big chocolate bunny)

A and J Bakery – All of their products are nut free and made from scratch (with no preservatives) and are a delicious treat that all ages will enjoy. Safe Biscotti 

Enjoy Life Foods – A great selection of gluten free, soy free, dairy free, nut free, casein free foods. (Yummy trail mixes with seeds instead of nuts.)

The Soy Nut Butter Company – The peanut butter substitute. Kids can’t tell the difference!

Chung’s – Frozen gourmet Asian foods made in a nut free facility. Yes, you can enjoy Asian food!!!

Dina Clifford

Dina Clifford is the mother of two children with life-threatening peanut allergies. She has developed "Beyond A Peanut - Food Allergy Awareness Cards" which teach principles to provide a safe environment for children with food allergies.

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