Future Leaders

Future Leaders

Yesterday, we were asked to talk about leadership to a group of middle-schoolers. Specifically, we were asked to address how we used leadership skills to develop and run and a business. 

We were surprised and flattered, because we don’t necessarily consider ourselves leaders.  But, as we were preparing the presentation, we came across a saying that seemed spot on: leaders don’t need to lead, they are content to point the way.

We are proud to have provided an alternative to the wasteful plastic baggie, but it is our LunchSkins customers who have saved about 120 million plastic sandwich baggies from entering the waste stream. Each of them is leading a movement to redefine food transport and reduce plastic waste.

We believe that going green is not a passing trend, but a movement with real traction, and great strides have been made in just a few years to recycle more, reduce waste and create reusable alternative products. Kids and teens realize better than we do that there is no such thing as “throwing away.”

During our presentation, the kids asked lots of questions about cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and shared ideas about how to do so. Our hope is that the discussion will spark an idea or dream in one of those young people’s minds – and catapult them into action. We’re hopeful that, as one philosopher put it, as leaders we are not creating followers, but we are creating more leaders.

Do you consider your kids the “green leaders” in your household? Are they pointing you in the “green” direction? Share your thoughts with us.

Cristina and Kirsten

Cristina Mendoza Bourelly and Kirsten B. Quigley are the two inventors of LunchSkins reusable sandwich and snack bags. They were neighborhood friends and in 2008, they became partners on a mission to reduce plastic waste.

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