365 Grains of Sand

365 Grains of Sand

As I fell asleep last night my hand opened to reveal 365 worn grains of sand – each like an empty package, with ribbon and bows strewn about… each grain of sand, like a day in the past year, tiny in comparison to the full scheme of things.

As my body relaxed and drifted into a much needed slumber, my fingers fell open, allowing the grains of sand to fall through my fingers – landing deep within my memory, where they will be stored.

Many will remain on the memory shelf untouched, never be seen again, and others will be pulled off of the memory shelf , to be examined and experienced again when needed…

This morning when I awoke my hand was filled with 365 new grains of sand, all neatly in place, still wrapped in shiny paper, adorned with ribbon and bows – each grain of sand representative of the days to come. Each to be opened one at a time, every 24 hours.

The contents within each is a hidden mystery only to be seen when the time is here.

Today I will put the yesterday’s to rest… and move in to the tomorrow’s.

Hi Everyone my name is +Beverly (aka Truddle - Truddlebug). I am married to Jamie, and the mom to 5 (4 girls and 1 boy), and the grandma to the same (3 girls and 2 boys). My kids are now on their own, but there are times when one or more of them will land back into the nest to catch their breath, before once again venturing off into the world on their own.

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