Mother, You’re Still Carrying Me Today

You've probably read a sentimental Mother's Day card with the sappy phrase, "Mother, You're Still Carrying Me Today." Turns out, it's true. Literally.

You may have read a sentimental Mother’s Day card (or one of those picture books that makes every mother cry) with the sappy phrase,  “Mother, You’re Still Carrying Me Today.” Turns out, it’s true. Literally.

Amazingly, even mothers who lost a pregnancy, still have some cells from the baby in their bodies. We found this out because fetal stem cells were discovered in adult cardiac patients, but only in females who had been pregnant.

I know many mothers feel a deep loss when a pregnancy is cut short. Many mothers experience loss when their children grow up and there is greater and greater distance between the two. Tragically some mothers out live their children and experience grief beyond what I can even imagine. For all of you, there is comfort in knowing that you will always carry a small part of your child with you.

I made this video for my mother to describe our special bond, despite the time and miles that separate us.

Warning, it is a little sappy and you may cry.

Published on: May 06, 2015
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