History of DrGreene.com

Dr. Alan R. Greene with Newborn

In 1995, Dr. Alan Greene had a thriving pediatric practice in San Mateo, CA. He was known for being an excellent pediatrician who worked with parents and kids on health, prevention, and development issues.

He spent as much time as possible with each family — discussing, diagnosing, and providing health education at each office visit. He also gave his home phone number to many of the families he worked with.

Despite these efforts, he still found that he wasn’t able to give each family all that they needed in terms of health care information. He was frustrated and felt that he was covering only the very surface of the great depth of specific health information each individual family needed.

He also found that families were scheduling appointments because “Jason has a runny nose,” but what they really wanted to talk about was feeding issues, sleep issues, potty training, or other important parenting issues that health insurance may not cover. His patients would have loved to have more of his time and expertise, but there weren’t enough hours in the day. What a dilemma!

DrGreene.com went online in December 1995 to address this need. The AMA has called this the pioneer physician website.

In 1996, after a life-threatening illness in the family, it became clear that providing DrGreene.com as a free, public service was a “calling”, not a business.

Parents’ thirst to learn about their children’s health remains strong around the world. Today we receive visits from millions of people each year, some located on every continent on earth (including Antarctica).

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