Great food can be delicious fun!

Great food can be delicious fun!

As a pediatrician, I’ve had contact with millions of parents regarding the health of their children. Over the years I’ve learned that one of the biggest headaches for many moms is trying to ensure good nutrition for their children. Whether it is because of the food battles (refusing to eat vegetables on principle) or products that are trendy and regaled as healthy (soda with vitamins?), the struggle can become exhausting. A friend of mine, Domenica Catelli has just published a book that is full of good news.

There’s no reason to be limited to choosing between enduring endless food battles and settling for hydrogenated, over-processed, junk fare. Domenica’s book, Mom-a-licious celebrates another way – full of zest, laughter, and the joy of great food.

I used to think that when weaning was complete, “perfect food” was over for babies, and for all of us. Then it dawned on me – as surely as young babies are designed for milk, the rest of us (toddlers, soccer players, school kids and their busy parents) are designed to thrive eating a fantastic variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and more. There are perfect foods for us, designed to be delicious and satisfying, while supplying a complex array of nutrients in a simple, creative, natural way. And the whole process provides a throng of side benefits for us and our families.

When you give children good nutrition, you are giving them the nutrient building blocks that literally become the eyes you look into; the bones that support their growing bodies; their inquisitive, curious brains; and the hearts that pump quietly night and day down through the years.

But, sometimes just knowing something is good for us isn’t enough. We often need to be shown how, and we need a guide—a reliable and accessible source to help us recognize what we know to be true.

The instinct to nurture and protect our families is saucy and sure. It moves to rhythms more ancient than memory, more hip than tomorrow. Listen for the beat.

In this beautiful book, Domenica Catelli leads the way in a dance of discovery, through grocery store aisles, around our kitchens, and into the heart of parenting.

She provides recipes that people can count on—they are good for you, they are quick and easy, and taste great. She has creative, healthy solutions for baby’s first foods (avocado quinoa mash—yum!) as well as vegetables to serve with dinner that your kids will love. She knows what is on your plate, literally and figuratively, and helps take away the guilt, confusion, and exhaustion so many parents feel.

Join the thousands of parents who have learned from Domenica —be mom-a-licious—and be proud of the way you feed your family.

Dr. Alan Greene

Dr. Greene is a practicing physician, author, national and international TEDx speaker, and global health advocate. He is a graduate of Princeton University and University of California San Francisco.

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