Good for You! Surveys Says Organic Food Buyers Not Cutting Back

I was heartened to see the results of a survey of people who buy organic and natural foods – they’re hooked! Even in this tough economy, about 80 percent of the 1,000+ respondents said they weren’t dropping natural and organic foods from their shopping lists despite their needs to cut back on spending. Good for them!

Although organic and natural products can cost a little more than non-organic foods, you might actually get more than you’re paying for when you buy organic. In 2008 I celebrated my 3-year anniversary of eating only organic food (read The New York Times article here). Although eating 100 percent organic is sometimes challenging (ever try to find an organic choice at a convenience store when you’re hungry and pressed for time?), I’ve never felt better.

Choosing organic food can dramatically decrease your family’s exposure to dangerous pesticides. But your choices also reduce the negative effects of antibiotics, synthetic hormones and chemical fertilizers. Together we can work toward a cleaner, healthier planet for our children by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing the rate of depletion of non-renewable resources, cutting down on toxic chemicals in our environment and stopping the uncontrolled spread of genetically modified organisms.

If you’re not already hooked on organics, I’ve put together a list to get you started. My Organic Rx gives you the top 10 (with one bonus!) best organic choices. My list will help you take baby steps into a more organic lifestyle.

Already buying organic? Click here for 5 ways to buy organic on a budget.

Published on: July 10, 2009
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