Formula Recall

Formula Recall

If your baby drinks a store-brand formula, check the can. Many different store-brands are made by the same people. The FDA has issued a consumer alert that about 1.5 million cans of powdered infant formula were voluntarily recalled in November 2002 because of possible contamination with E. sakazakii, a type of bacteria that can cause serious illness including meningitis and necrotizing enterocolitis.

The affected formula is manufactured by Wyeth Nutritionals and sold under a variety of names including Baby Basics (Albertson’s), Kozy Kids (Amway), CVS Soy Infant Formula, Hill Country Fare (HEB Grocery Stores), HEB Baby Infant Formula, American Fare Little Ones (K-Mart), HomeBest, Safeway Select, Healthy Baby (Target), Walgreen’s, and Parent’s Choice (Walmart).

The dangerous products can be identified by the expiration/used by date on the bottom of the can: 07 28 05, 08 28 05, or 09 28 05.

For more details on the specific products in these lines involved in the recall, visit the FDA website or call Wyeth at 888-526-5376.

Dr. Alan Greene

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