Feeding Baby Green – The Journey Begins

To get an idea of how Feeding Baby Green may help your family, imagine your child a few years down the road, eating lunch at school. Most of her friends have snagged French fries or chips to complement their meals. Instead, your daughter reaches for a salad and a yogurt.

Without you there to remind her, without her deliberating, she’s made a healthy food choice because that’s what she’s learned to love.

Or imagine your young son at a local restaurant, ordering Brussels sprouts, or a fresh egg dish with mango salsa. He’s excited to try the new flavors, wants to eat fresh, wholesome food.

For many parents, these scenarios seem almost unbelievable. Brussels sprouts? And no French fries? But these examples come from my own family, when my daughter, Claire, was in high school and our youngest, Austin, was a middle schooler. More than one chef has come to the table and complimented them on their adventurous palates and excellent taste. Other parents are even more likely to comment.

Parents today assume that children just won’t enjoy certain foods for one reason or another (taste, genetic predisposition, because they are kids, and so on). They feel that they have to provide them with kids’ meals, or endure food battles, or trick them by disguising the food so they’ll eat it.

Feeding Baby Green will show you how to start creating an enjoyment of healthy foods even before birth. Their comfort foods can be healthy foods. Your kids won’t need to settle for junk food. You won’t have to resort to subterfuge, hiding healthy foods in comfort foods, if you want kids to eat fruits and vegetables. You won’t need a team of medical or scientific experts or your own Ph.D. in nutrition to be able to feed your baby correctly. What you will need is an awareness of how food preferences develop over time, and a plan for how to use this knowledge to give your baby the best start. Knowing how it all works can empower you to be your own expert when it comes to feeding your child.

By starting early—even before birth—not only can you teach them to love appropriate amounts of healthful foods, but you can also help set the trajectories of their

  • Health
  • Intelligence
  • Weight and metabolism
  • Allergies and immune system

After you finish Feeding Baby Green you’ll understand the simple plan to give your children the amazing gift of nutrition that will last a lifetime. Feeding Baby Green will create the blueprint for the generation that revolutionizes the way kids eat—a delicious revolution.

Published on: August 31, 2009
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