Cow’s Milk and Diabetes

If there is type 1 diabetes in the immediate family, Dr. Greene would recommend avoiding cow's milk-based formulas. Just to be safe.

Dr. Greene reports on a study looking at cow’s milk and type 1 diabetes…

Pediatric News (33(8):2, 1999), has reported on a significant new study coming out of Finland.

Up until now, the relationship between milk from cows and type 1 diabetes has been controversial. This is the first carefully designed, controlled prospective study, and it shows a dramatic reduction in diabetes in high-risk children who avoided cow milk products for the first 6-8 months of life.

If there is type 1 diabetes in the immediate family, I would recommend avoiding milk-based formulas.

It’ll take awhile for scientists to sort out the details, but the early word is — yes, cow protein can trigger diabetes in those who are genetically susceptible.

Published on: September 09, 1999
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