Does Your Child Really Have ADHD?

Does Your Child Really Have ADHD?

Rates of diagnosing ADHD in some school and medical settings are still 300% higher than in others, according to an article in the March 2001 electronic issue of Pediatrics. Some children are labeled as having ADHD when they don’t really have it. Other children who do have ADHD, and who would really benefit from treatment, are falsely reassured. When it comes to diagnosing ADHD, using the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for diagnosis can give a more reliable answer than relying on people’s casual opinions. If you wonder about ADHD in your child, ask that the AAP guidelines be followed.

Dr. Alan Greene

Dr. Greene is the founder of (cited by the AMA as “the pioneer physician Web site”), a practicing pediatrician, father of four, & author of Raising Baby Green & Feeding Baby Green. He appears frequently in the media including such venues as the The New York Times, the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, & the Dr. Oz Show.

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