Most Cases of Reflux Go Untreated

Over 2/3 of children with GERD (the sloshing upwards of stomach acid) get no treatment at all – not even over-the-counter antacids. A study of more than 1,000 children published in the February 2000 issue of Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine reported that up to 8% of children age 3 to 17 years have reflux, yet fewer than 2.5% are diagnosed or treated.

Most Cases of Reflux Go Untreated

If your child has tummy aches (the most common symptom), poor growth, poor appetite, chronic respiratory problems, heartburn, or frequent spitting up, ask your doctor about the possibility of reflux. The cause for your child’ s discomfort may have been missed.

Dr. Alan Greene

Dr. Greene is a practicing physician, author, national and international TEDx speaker, and global health advocate. He is a graduate of Princeton University and University of California San Francisco.

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