Brain Food For Your Kids: How Do You Score?

Each day at school, millions of children are faced with a lunch that actually works against them. Unhealthy versions of French fries, chips, hot dogs, burgers, and pizza fill school cafeterias; partially hydrogenated, high fructose corn syrup-sweetened snacks fill lunch bags brought from home. The crusts and buns of the more popular options are likely to be made from over-processed white flour. The vegetables are likely to be over-cooked and under-appetizing. The beverages are even worse.

Each day, a growing number of other school children enjoy delicious lunches that help put them ahead. Their school cafeterias may feature healthy items they will actually choose to eat, while keeping junk foods and beverages where they belong-out of arm’s reach. Or, their parents might send them to school with a tasty, healthy lunch that nourishes their bodies and their brains.

What’s on your child’s plate today?

It is my strong conviction that children deserve a healthy breakfast to start the school morning right and a healthy school lunch to fuel their growing and their learning. I have come to believe that plays a key role, not only in children’s short and long term health, but also by providing them with a critical physiological foundation to help them succeed in school. Behavior and academic performance are affected (and significantly over a lifetime) by the quantity and quality of the foods we provide children during the school years.                                                                                        .

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Published on: January 23, 2007
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