Hi Everyone my name is +Beverly (aka Truddle - Truddlebug). I am married to Jamie, and the mom to 5 (4 girls and 1 boy), and the grandma to the same (3 girls and 2 boys). My kids are now on their own, but there are times when one or more of them will land back into the nest to catch their breath, before once again venturing off into the world on their own.

I have been a full time WAHM since my youngest was 10, and have not looks back since. Before this I was a SAHM who wanted to be a WAHM.... the only reason I wasn't is because my job had not been invented yet!

My comute to work each day is under a minute, as I wander from the coffee pot in the kitchen to my office. Traffic can be a killer some mornings as I trip and stumble over one of the cats or Dudley our dog, who seem to love to sprawl on the dark floor along my path.

Today I am the site manager for this wonderful pediatric website and have been here for the past 11 or so years. (time sure flys!)

Although I work in a silent house, my days seem to get very noisy, and there are days I wish for quiet. As you can tell by now, I tend to ramble, so don't hesitate to tell me to sit on my fingers for awhile if I go on for to long.

It is nice to meet all of you, and I look forward to getting to know everyone.


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