Joelle Wisler

Joelle Wisler

Joelle Wisler is a writer, occasional physical therapist, and paranoid trail runner; constantly terrified of being eaten by a mountain lion. She most recently moved from the beach in California to the mountains outside of Boulder, CO where she tries to balance motherhood, writing and maintaining her sanity with her husband, Robb.

She is also Mom to Grayson, a seven-year-old tender-hearted, brave-souled son and Nora Rainbow, a two-year-old whirling dervish of destruction.

Joelle is (finally) feverishly writing her first novel based partly on the crazy mountain life that her family has created; full of lions, snow storms, magic trails, and abandoned circus trains.

You can often find her writing at sites like Scary Mommy, Mamalode and Mamapedia. Joelle is also very proud to be a co-producer of Boulder’s Listen To Your Mother show (2013, 2014) and she blogs about life at 8500 feet at

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