Andy Rink MD

Andy Rink MD

Andy Rink, MD is Co­founder and CMO of Lully, a company developing smart products to improve sleep.

Andy's interest in combining medical device entrepreneurship with improving patient care began during his undergraduate days majoring in biomedical engineering at Vanderbilt. He started his first company in medical school where he commercialized a web­based application to evaluate novel medical technology.

He worked at the FDA in the Center for Devices and Radiological Health. He also co­invented and licensed an implantable medical device for inguinal hernia repair to Morris Innovative, Inc., now known as the PerQPlug.

In his surgical residency at Northwestern University, he was awarded a SAGES grant to develop a novel device that simulates intra­abdominal fluoroscopic imaging, which is now undergoing commercialization with several pilot sites at hospitals in the US.

He completed the Stanford Biodesign fellowship from 2012­2014, which is the premier medical device innovation training program in the world. At Stanford h​e developed a research interest in parasomnias during sleep. Along with Varun Boriah, they developed the first solution for night terrors. This technology was spun out of Stanford and became the basis for Lully.

When not working, Andy likes to enjoy the Bay Area weather by running, swimming, and playing golf and tennis whenever he can.


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