Advances for Diabetes

Advances for Diabetes

Star GlucoWatch, a painless glucose monitor for diabetics that is worn like a wristwatch, is FDA-approved. The device measures glucose levels every 20 minutes — without needles — even while the wearer is sleeping.

Even though the device has yet to be approved for kids, it is a landmark step forward toward getting non-invasive, objective measures of kids’ health.

I look forward, for instance, to a device that is being developed that when shone in a child’s ear can diagnose an ear infection and tell you which bacteria is causing it, so you will know whether antibiotics are needed, and if so, which ones are most likely to work.


Dr. Alan Greene

Dr. Greene is a practicing physician, author, national and international TEDx speaker, and global health advocate. He is a graduate of Princeton University and University of California San Francisco.

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