Treating Pinworms

Treating Pinworms

I have 3 children. In the last 2 years the same child has been infected with pinworms 3 times. We belong to a family medicine group. The first...

Children can be perfect wedding guests.

Children, Weddings & Proper Etiquette: How to help your child be the “perfect wedding guest”

A wedding is an exciting event for not only the bride and groom, but for their guests as well. However, if you are a parent who has been invited...

The First Purple Day

Purple Day is a Shining Example of How WE Can Change Health Care

  My friend, 10-year-old Cassidy Megan, has epilepsy. A couple of years ago, Cassidy was afraid to tell people because she thought they would make fun of her. Then...

Healthy Eating, Part V - Good news for vegetable haters everywhere!

Healthy Eating, Part V – Good news for vegetable haters everywhere!

Given the opportunity, starting your baby off with good eating habits is a great way to go. Even if it’s too late for that now, an important lesson from...

Allergy Medication

If a child has cold symptoms that go on and on, is it really allergies? Or is it just one long cold? Or several colds, back-to-back? This is...

Baby looking into the camera. Does she have swollen lymph nodes?

Swollen Lymph Nodes: Normal, infection or malignancy?

Dr. Greene, our 7 month old daughter Elise has had swollen lymph nodes in the back of her neck and head for about 3 months. They said that...

Iron rich foods

Eating for Two: A Guide to Mother’s Nutrition during Pregnancy – Part 4 – The Gift of Iron

The Gift of Iron   Iron requirements also soar during pregnancy. Both the mother and the baby need it to build red blood cells. A pregnant woman’s blood supply increases...

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Feeding Baby Green

Feeding Baby Green: The Earth Friendly Program for Healthy, Safe Nutrition During Pregnancy, Childhood and Beyond

By Dr. Alan R. Greene

This unique guide includes advice on how to transform a baby's eating habits that will positively impact their health & development for the rest of their lives. Dr. Greene has included everything a parent needs to know about creating healthy, nutritious meals that help avoid childhood obesity & prevent childhood disease.

Raising Baby Green

Raising Baby Green: The Earth-Friendly Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby Care

By Dr. Alan R. Greene

In this illustrated and easy-to-use guide, noted pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene, a leading voice of the green baby movement, advises parents how to make healthy green choices for pregnancy, childbirth, and baby care—from feeding your baby the best food available to using medicines wisely.