Sad child in winter scarf and hat. Holiday Depression

How to Recognize Your Child is Suffering from Holiday Depression

The holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. However, it is not always true, for kids or adults. Your kids may not spend the...


Wheezing: A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment to Prevention

Introduction: Our airways are designed to be responsive to harmful substances in the air. If we walk through clouds of smoke, our airways will shrink, protecting our delicate lung...

Couple holding hands during birth process. Is mom passing along B. infantis?

Meet B. infantis, the Good Gut Bacteria ALL Moms Should Know

The infant gut microbiome is made up of thousands of different bacterial strains. Some of these strains are considered “good” and can help build important things like immunity and metabolism. Others, like E....

Kids Tech Gifts - Dad and kid on tech gadgets sids by side

Tech Gifts for Kids: To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Are you thinking of buying kids tech gifts his season? If so, you are not alone. Last year, gaming devices, smartphones, tablets and more were some of the season’s...

A pile of button batteries. Swallowed button batteries can be a medical emergency.

Swallowed Button Batteries and Honey?!

Button battery ingestion is a big deal. So much so that The National Battery Ingestion Hotline (NBIH) was created in 1982 to study and advise best practices. They look...

Salmon Greenbeans and Potatoes made in a Brava Oven

“Easy” is the Secret to Family Meals: Five Tools I Use

It’s no secret. I’m a fan of family meals. Eating together as a family while sitting around a table (in front of a TV doesn’t count) has been shown...

Asian girl with female adult hand on face checking for fevers.


Our child is 14 months old. His temperature was up to 103 degrees. What are the best things to do before having to go to the doctor, and...

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Feeding Baby Green

Feeding Baby Green: The Earth Friendly Program for Healthy, Safe Nutrition During Pregnancy, Childhood and Beyond

By Dr. Alan R. Greene

This unique guide includes advice on how to transform a baby's eating habits that will positively impact their health & development for the rest of their lives. Dr. Greene has included everything a parent needs to know about creating healthy, nutritious meals that help avoid childhood obesity & prevent childhood disease.

Raising Baby Green

Raising Baby Green: The Earth-Friendly Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby Care

By Dr. Alan R. Greene

In this illustrated and easy-to-use guide, noted pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene, a leading voice of the green baby movement, advises parents how to make healthy green choices for pregnancy, childbirth, and baby care—from feeding your baby the best food available to using medicines wisely.